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The EU will go back if the US wins French wines with a tariff



President Donald Trump and Melania Trump arrive at the airport in Biarritz, France for the G7 summit.

BIARRITZ, France – President of the European Council sent President Donald Trump on Saturday's announcement that the E.U. it will stand with France and strike back if the United States breaks tariffs on French wines.

“If the United States imposes fees on France, the E.U is. it will give a kind reply, ”E.U. Council President Donald Tusk told reporters at the annual G7 meeting in south-west France.

The last thing needed and needed by the 28-member block is confrontation, “especially with our best colleague, the United States,” said Tusk. But “we have to be ready. … And we're ready, ”he said. “France can rely on our loyalty, as do all member states.”

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President of the European Council Donald Tusk, who speaks at the annual G7 summit in Biarritz, France, suggests that the European Union will respond "in kind" if President Donald Trump continues to threaten the reduction of tariffs on French wines. . (Photo: Markus Schreiber, AP)

Tusk continues to threaten Trump to put tariffs on French wines to compensate for the new French digital services tax, which boosted US high-tech masses such as Google and Amazon.

The 3% levy, approved in July, would be added to the annual income of companies providing services in France with a global income of at least 25 million euro ($ 28 million) in France and 750 euro ($ 837 million). ) every year in the world.

In July, Trump threatened to cut tariffs on French wines to compensate for the tax. He repeated the threat on Friday night as he left for G7 meetings.

Trump is expected to raise the issue with French President Emmanuel Macron during this weekend's summit.

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