Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

The European stock markets close the week in low before the new Trump threat to China

07-20-2018 The president of the USA has confirmed that it is ready to apply tariffs on all Chinese products for up to US $ 500,000 million

Overturning in the markets before a new threat from Donald Trump to China . The president of the USA has confirmed that it is ready to apply tariffs to all Chinese products, in such a way that the giant asian Start to lose the war commercial.
European stock exchanges have gone from being flat to fall up to about 1% and the futures of Wall Street they also fall.
The worst part was the CAC of Paris, which was down by 0.6% , followed by the Frankfurt DAX, with 0.4% and the Spanish Ibex, with 0.3%.

“I’m ready for go for the 500,000 million “, the US president said in an interview with CNBC, the amount contrasts with the 129,900 million that the USA exported to China and already the voices that point to a uppercase defeat of the Asian giant.
In fact, the Chinese Government has been forced to take hold of your currency. This morning has down for the seventh session consecutively rate daily reference for the change of yuan , fact that caused the immediate collapse of the currency. The coin he got to touch the minimum of 6.7671 per dollar , 1% less compared to the previous day.
Shortly after, the yuan managed to recover amid the noise that pointed to a new state intervention. In particular, Bloomberg referred to a massive sale of dollars by local banks. All via order of the Government of the Asian giant. The local exchanges celebrated these movements with the support of the bank.

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