The Federation approves the Cup to a single match and the Super Cup to 4


The new Copa del Rey, a unique game with the participation of 116 teams of all categories; and the Supercopa to four, abroad; they are already a factual reality for the Spanish Football Federation, which has approved in assembly the proposals with an overwhelming absolute majority, hardly without opposing voices, which come into force immediately, pending the La Liga interposition of any legal action in against.

If nothing is altered in the courts, from the next course, in addition to the 44 professional soccer clubs (20 of First and 22 of Second), in the tournament butler of Spain they will be able to participate 28 Second Division B teams (the first seven classified in each of the four groups, without affiliates), 32 of Third Division (The 18 group champions and the 14 seconds with the best coefficient). In addition, they will enter the tie with teams of the highest category the four semifinalists of the Federation Cup and the 10 champions of a previous tie between the champions of the highest categories of regional football.

In the draw for the first qualifying round, criteria of geographical proximity and the 38 professional soccer teams will face the regional category clubs, the Federation Cup semifinalists and the representatives of the Third Division.

Single the semifinal will be played roundtrip in March, before six singles qualifiers will be played, starting on December 18, until the end of April 18, 2020. The second round will be held on January 12, 2020, the round of 32 on January 22, the eighth on the 29th of the same month and the quarterfinals on February 5.

Alfredo Olivares, director of competitions and non-professional football of the RFEF, explains the new competition format of the #Copa del Rey

Comfortable assembly

In a very comfortable assembly, without the presence of the clubs, almost without interventions in the question turns, Rubiales himself, in the absence of dialectical opponents, questioned himself: "In case the question does not come out, I want to clarify how much the Federation is going to take this & rdquor;, explained before the controversies with the Supercopa and the distribution of benefits. The new format will be disputed on January 8 and 9, the semifinals, and on January 12 the final.

The agreement for the calendar, pending from Mediapro

The Federation Assembly has also approved a calendar proposal, in the absence of a binding agreement with La Liga and AFE, in which the Higher Sports Council is mediating. Also with overwhelming majority, the approved calendar respects almost the whole proposed by the other two entities, except for the use of a Sunday in January for the Super Cup dispute. As explained by the federation commands, the only discordant point in the negotiation is the television operator, after Rubiales denounced that the operator Mediarpo was tainted by bribes.

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