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The governments of several countries have used spyware to spy on public figures – Abroad – News

The list leaked to the media contains about 50,000 telephone numbers and is owned by people who seem to be interested in NSO Group customers.

It is not clear where this list came from and how many phones were actually hacked.

Pegasus spyware infects smartphones, allowing interested parties to retrieve their messages, photos, emails, record conversations, and secretly activate microphones and cameras.

Investigating media have identified at least 1,000 people in more than 50 countries on the leaked list.

Among them are politicians and state leaders, business leaders, activists, members of the royal families of the Arab states.

The list also includes more than 180 journalists, including contributors to CNN and Al Jazeera, as well as the New York Times.

Most telephone numbers are in ten countries: the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Mexico, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia and Hungary.

The press officers of these countries, when contacted by the media involved in the investigation, either denied that the Pegasus program had been used or that their surveillance powers had been violated.

It is unclear how many phones were actually attacked, however, 37 phone experts found that three of them either tried to break in or the hacking was successful, reports the Washington Post.

They are also close-knit phones of the Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Hashogi, who was assassinated in 2018 at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

The phone number of the Mexican journalist Cecilia Pinedas Brito appears twice on the list, even a month before his assassination.

The phones of two Hungarian investigative journalists András Sabo and Sabolča Pani have been successfully infected with spyware.


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