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the hospitalizations in the Novara area date back to 7 deaths recorded between Sunday and Monday

There are 6,241 (of which 5,339, 85.5%, asymptomatic) the new cases of people tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 5,167 after antigen tests) in Piedmont, equal to 9% of the 69,607 swabs performed in the last 24 hours , of which 62,925 antigenic. This was announced by the Crisis Unit of the Region in today’s bulletin, Monday 31 January.

The new cases (+377 in the Novara area and +235 in the Vco) are divided as follows: 4,921 screenings, 1,050 case contacts, 270 with ongoing investigation.

Yesterday’s bulletin

The total number of positive cases registered in the regional territory since the beginning of the pandemic becomes 877,892, divided as follows on a provincial basis: 71,634 Alessandria, 40,344 Asti, 33,524 Biella, 120,773 Cuneo, 67,760 Novara, 462.675 Turin, 31.068 Vercelli, 31.769 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, as well as 4,289 residents outside the region but in charge of Piedmontese health structures. The remaining 14,056 are under development and territorial assignment.

+30 hospital admissions

According to today’s regional bulletin, Monday 31 January, patients admitted to intensive care in Piedmont hospitals are 127 (+2 compared to yesterday), while non-intensive care patients are 2,111 (+28 compared to yesterday). On the other hand, people in home isolation are 138,003 (-8,304 compared to yesterday).

+18 deaths in the last 24 hours

There are 18 deaths of people positive for the Covid-19 test, including 2 today, reported by the Piedmont Region Crisis Unit in the bulletin of Monday 31 January. The total therefore becomes 12,601 deaths who tested positive for the virus, divided as follows by province: 1,659 Alessandria, 768 Asti, 479 Biella, 1,554 Cuneo, 1.018 Novara, 6.015 Turin, 580 Vercelli, 406 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, as well as 122 residents outside the region who died in Piedmont.

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Over 14 thousand new healed

The healed patients became a total of 725,050 (+14,497 compared to yesterday), divided as follows on a provincial basis: 61,374 Alessandria, 35,101 Asti, 27,326 Biella, 102,450 Cuneo, 59.424 Novara, 378.155 Turin, 25.723 Vercelli, 27.457 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, in addition to 2,698 extra-regions and 5,342 in the definition phase.

The situation in the Novara area

The admissions date back (147, +15 compared to yesterday) in the Novara area, where 7 new deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours. In particular, at the Maggiore hospital in Novara there are 107 (+10 compared to yesterday) covid patients: 8 are in intensive care, 11 in sub-intensive care, 40 in medium intensity wards, 11 in infectious diseases, 31 in the covid wards of the Galliate office, 4 women in Obstetrics and 2 children in Pediatrics. From the Major they also let it be known that yesterday, Sunday 30 January, there were 5 deaths (three men between 91 and 72 years, two women of 92 and 75 years), while today an 84-year-old man died. Finally, in the last 24 hours, one person was discharged. On the other hand, 40 patients (+5 compared to yesterday) have been admitted to the Borgomanero hospital, where in the last 24 hours one person has died and 3 others have been hospitalized. As for covid patients: 3 are in intensive care, 6 in sub-intensive care and 31 in the other wards.

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