The howl that is worth 6.6 million


The biggest boat in the history of television already has owners. It was question 15, and Erundino Alonso knew the answer. "There was an instant of three hundredths of a second in which I was absolutely aware that I was already there. It was the culmination of two years and two months. That moment was super exciting, wonderful. I had time to feel what was happening, "says this mountain engineer after more than 500 programs as a contestant, along with the other members of 'Los Lobos', Valentin Ferrero, Manuel Zapata and Alberto Sanfrutos, who replaced José Pinto ( he left the program for personal reasons and died of a heart attack two months later). None will forget the Gulf of Bothnia, located in the Baltic Sea, between Sweden and Finland, and thanks to which deactivated the final bomb. That part of the sea that infiltrated the land was the trigger for the 6,689,700 euros (4,130,000 euros for a boat, 3,600 euros for the program this Monday, and 2,556,100 euros accumulated) 'Boom!' award, the contest that Antena 3 broadcasts before the News at 9:00 p.m.

However, the network bet on Monday for a special schedule for the long-awaited appointment. In the afternoon, at 20:00 hours, a selection of his best moments, and already in 'prime time' (after 10.30 pm), the decisive chapter. The announced modification of the grid already ventured what could happen.

It was in May 2017 when 'Los Lobos' appeared for the first time in 'Boom!', and is that, honoring the name of the program presented by Juanra Bonet, since the team began to participate, audiences have risen more than 5 points and almost a million viewers, reaching the 2,206,000 viewers, which mean 17.2% of 'share', without taking into account today's records. In fact, thanks to them has been the most viewed contest this season for the first time in its history, dethroning 'Pasapalabra' that presents Christian Gálvez.

It has already rained since 'Los Lobos' entered the Guinness Book of Records for its 300 victories, with José Pinto still in its ranks, and from this Monday it would have to be updated to 505. They could also appear in a second epigraph for the amount obtained, with which 'Boom!', which already bore the title of being the television program that had delivered the highest prize in Spain -more than 2.3 million euros in June 2016, obtained by the 'Rockcampers'-, has pulverized its own registry, almost tripling it.

Almost half for the Treasury

After winning that amount (which will have to discount the 'bite' of the Treasury, aapproximately 47.5%, about 3.2 million), the members of 'Los Lobos' told their first thoughts. "I felt the immense satisfaction of having achieved the goal that we had set as a team," said Manu. «At first I felt incredulity. Immediately after, the certainty that it was ours. I found myself in a cloud and experienced great happiness. Instantly, I felt the need to come down from that cloud to share the immense joy with my companions, "said Alberto. «It was a mixture of surprise and intense emotion. The spectators began to scream and it was like plunging into a whirlwind of sensations. I even lost the orientation of where I was, "Valentin added.

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