The largest is in Upper Egypt .. The governor of Sohag inspects the mental health hospital

02:26 PM

Tuesday 13 October 2020

Sohag – Ammar Abdel Wahed:

Major General Tariq Al-Fiqi, Governor of Sohag, inspected today, Tuesday, the mental health hospital, after the completion of its replacement and renovation work, in preparation for its opening during the coming period.

Dr. Ahmed Fawzi Qassem, Director of the Mental Health Hospital in Sohag, said that the hospital is built on an area of ​​6 thousand square meters, of which 2500 square meters are buildings, and the rest of the area is a playground and a garden, adding that it is designed on the latest code for modern hospitals to be the largest psychiatric hospital in Upper Egypt. Capacity 74 beds.

“Qasim” explained that the hospital’s cost amounted to EGP 70 million, and that it consists of 3 floors that can be expanded, and provides comprehensive privacy for each patient. It has 6 kitchens, 2 washrooms, 6 elevators, 8 advanced units, a children’s psychiatric ward, an elderly psychiatric ward, and a device. Brain rhythm regulation, 16 break rooms, a private male nursing school, an indoor rest point, a fire network, and 8 outpatient clinics for various specialties.

The Governor of Sohag directed the head of the Sharq district in coordination with the hospital administration to speed up the completion of the work of installing the roundels in the outer perimeter of the hospital, paint the outer wall, and coordinate with the Traffic Department to open a corridor on the central island in front of the hospital to facilitate access to it.


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