the leaders of the protest call for "civil disobedience"


"The civil disobedience movement will begin Sunday and will not end until a civilian government has been announced", said the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), a major protester in the country, in a statement. The SPA intends to put pressure on the military in power, accused of brutal repression against the protesters.

The call follows the visit to Khartoum of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, mediator between the protest and the Transitional Military Council, in power since the removal of President Omar al-Bashir, April 11.

It also comes five days after the violent dispersal by the security forces of a sit-in held since April 6 in front of army headquarters in Khartoum, as a continuation of the protest movement unleashed in December.

Sudan, repression by the military has made more than 100 dead


Qualified of "Massacre" by the protest, this dispersion was followed by a wave of repression at the beginning of June. According to locals, a climate of "Terror" seized the capital.

According to doctors close to the protest, more than 100 people have died and more than 500 injured, mostly during the dispersal of the sit-in. The government has denied these figures, citing a record of 61 killed.

In Sudan, Muhammad Hamdan Daglo, the terror general

For the SPA, civil disobedience is "A peaceful act capable of bringing the world's most powerful weapons arsenal to the knees". This new form of action comes after two days of general strike, May 28 and 29, to put pressure on the army.

The form this will take " civil disobedience " has not been specified, while the streets of Khartoum are almost deserted since Monday because of the repression.

In Sudan, paramilitaries pinned after "massacre" of Khartoum

Deserted streets

On Saturday, the iron curtains of most shops were down in the Sudanese capital on the final day of the Fitr Muslim holiday, marking the end of the month of fasting Ramadan. If traffic had picked up slightly, few pedestrians were visible in the streets.

Brick barricades cut some roads in the neighborhoods of Bahri and Burri, two high spots of protest in Khartoum. They were erected by protesters for, they say, to protect themselves from the security forces.

In other streets, these makeshift barriers were removed by hand, brick by brick, by Regular Army soldiers and by men of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). These paramilitaries are accused by the protest of being the main perpetrators of the repression of the movement since June 3rd.


In this context of increased tension, three members of the opposition were arrested by "Armed men" after meeting with the Ethiopian prime minister.

Ismail Jalab, Secretary General of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM-N), was "Embarked on an unknown destination" by armed men came to his home on Saturday, told AFP Rachid Anouar, head of the SPLM-N. This movement is the northern branch of a former southern rebellion that has regularly clashed with the central power of ousted President Omar al-Bashir. His spokesman, Mubarak Ardul, was "Shipped" at the same time, added Rachid Anouar.

Mohamed Esmat, a leader in the Alliance for Freedom and Change (ALC), the spearhead of the challenge, was also "Taken away by armed men" Friday, "On leaving the Ethiopian embassy", told AFP Essam Abou Hassabou, a member of the ALC.

On Wednesday, security forces arrested Yasser Arman, deputy leader of the SPLM-N.

"Courage and responsibility"

During his visit on Friday, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia had called for "Show courage and responsibility by taking quick action towards a democratic and consensual transition period in the country", after a meeting with the president of the ruling Military Council, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhane, and several leaders of the protest.

His offer of mediation was welcomed by both parties.

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