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The Missouri Duck capsized, killing 17 people – aged 1 to 70 years

Fourteen people survived, with passengers and workers on the nearby Branson Belle Showboat – still moored while people were boarding a cruise – helping to rescue them, said the County Sheriff. Stone, Doug Rader. he said from 1 to 70.

A video posted by Jennie Phillips-Hudson Carr, which she recorded from the Belle Branson, showed at least three ships on the lake at that time, including two ducks tilting and tilting on the side as wrinkles have turned into massive waves.

  A video recorded from a nearby ship shows one of the two duck boats in trouble before the sinking.

The neighboring passenger was watching the … boat dive & # 39;

Pattison said that he did not know when the boat sentenced – or the one just opposite –

Kourtney Parker, a passenger on the duck to the front, told CNN that the two vessels delayed their entry into the lake before the storm arrived

"We took the direction of the lake ramp, but our propeller stopped working, so we had to wait 15 to 20 minutes for a rescue bus, which made us back off and this (other) boat, because we were in front of them and that they had to wait for us.

After the boats went into the water, she said, they "have about halfway to the lake, and then, bam, everything else she's so quickly run off," she said. "We were literally under water a few times."

The videos that Parker posted on Twitter, recorded from inside his boat, showed that the ship was swaying on rough waves.

"We got out and we got to the ramp, and I turned around and watched the other boat dive into the nose, and my heart dropped," she said. .

"Coming back, that's when … the waves came up and, of course, flooded the boat," he said Friday morning.

Damage reported in Stone County, including trees CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward said: The largest gust of wind recorded in the region was 63 mph.

27 tornadoes ripped apart Iowa
  Emergency workers patrol an area Friday near where the duck sank to Table Rock Lake. near the place where the duck sank at Table Rock Lake

The crew and passengers of the Showboat rushed to help

[19659002] Passengers on the Branson Belle, Trent Behr and his girlfriend, Allison Lester, described what they saw when they appeared on ABC Friday "Good Morning America" ​​

Lester said the weather had been nice Thursday. But as Behr and she were boarding the boat-restaurant, "the wind really got worse and debris was flying everywhere," she said

while they were visiting the restaurant-boat, the couple looked at the window and saw the canoes in the water.

"It was maybe two minutes later, and we heard the captain say that the boat rolled over or the boat sank," Behr said.

Behr said that at one point, he and other passengers in the diner helped pull a woman unconscious of water. The paramedics arrived before he could administer CPR, he said.

Among the rescuers was a deputy of the beautiful Branson Sheriff who "jumped in and helped," says Sheriff Rader

. He told CNN that he had planned to board the Branson Belle but decided not to go when the wind came up.

After obtaining a refund at a souvenir shop, he came out and saw the crew of the Belle Branson All lifejackets on board and throwing them at those who were in the water after the capsizing of the duck, "said Burkhart.

" That should never end this way "

recently acquired the company of boats .The boat had a captain and a driver with a commercial license, he said.

"Of course, we should not be out there in bad weather," said Pattison.The company has been in operation for 47 years without any incident like this, he said.

When asked if passengers and two crew members had time to put on lifejackets, Pattison replied, "We do not know again. "

" People are supposed to go out for an outing "That should never end like this – we can not say much more, "he said when asked if he had a message for the parents of those who were on board

. land and water, and are popular among tourists in major cities. The history of the boats goes back to the Second World War, when these boats were a common sight because of their versatility.

The driver was "the most calm mind we could meet"

Williams, the driver, was a caring man who was friendly to everyone, says his widow to CNN

He has done a great deal on many lives and he has given up his life for someone, "she said Friday in a moving telephone interview. "It's the kind of man Robert was,"

His grandson, Victor Richardson, told CNN: "He was a God-fearing man, he was very humble, it was the most calm mind you could meet. 19659002] Bob and Judy Williams were married for more than 30 years and lived in Branson, according to the grandson.

& # 39; Our hearts are broken & # 39;

Ride the Branson Ducks said that he was deeply saddened and that the business would be closed "while we support the investigation, and let the time to cry for families and the community. "

"Words can not tell how much our hearts are breaking," website. We will continue to do everything possible to help the families who have been involved and the authorities in their pursuit of search and rescue.

Parson, the governor, asked for prayers for first responders and for those involved in the incident.

The NTSB, on Twitter, asked the public for help for photos or videos of the sinking.

Branson, a popular family vacation destination, lies about 200 miles southeast of Kansas City, Missouri.

CNN's Dakin Andone, Amanda Watts, Joe Sutton, Gianluca Mezzofiore, Judson Jones, Brandon Miller, Deanna Hackney, Steve Almasy, and Sheena Jones contributed to this report.

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