The renovated aqua park in Vyškov attracts a new recreational pool

The pool has a new stainless steel tub and a slide consisting of three tracks, which is sixteen meters long. “A partial transverse partition was created in the stainless steel insert, the two tracks for swimmers are classic 50 meters high. The other six tracks are half the length, the rest of the new bath was then transformed into a recreational pool with many water attractions, “said Mayor Karel Jurka.

There are massage jets, a water wall, tubular massage benches and semi-loungers, water cups and water spouts and a swing bay. Operators do not expect to open to visitors yet. According to them, the reconstruction for 57 million crowns was very thorough.

“We are talking about filters, circulation pumps, pipelines, automatic dosing or disinfection circuits. Both for the outdoor pool and children’s paddling pool. There are also additions to UV lamps, landscaping, new entrance waders, including water distribution, and the pool walkway, including fencing and railings, has undergone changes, ”described Jaroslav Hastík, Director of the Vyškov City Property Administration.

The outdoor pool has been operating for almost forty years. According to city officials, the pool has flowed in many places in recent years, the ceramics were falling, the bathtub was even broken in the middle. The deputies therefore leaned towards a comprehensive overhaul. “If we solve only part of the problems, then we will have to spend more in the coming years. The state of that time simply reached the limit of its lifespan. The designers quantified other costs that we would not have missed anyway, “reacted Vyškov deputy mayor Roman Celý.

However, at inspection days in the first half of the year, the supplier pointed out that there was a delay in deliveries due to the coronavirus situation, whether it was the cessation of the production of metal sheets from Italy or sand filters from Spain. He asked for an extension of less than a month, and city councilors came to his aid.

That’s why the completion has postponed. “The outdoor area is now very attractive and ready for next season. It was a big investment, for which we did not want to underestimate or rush anything. We have thus extended the service life of the entire complex. Let’s not forget about saving money during regular maintenance with regard to water consumption and the amount of chemistry used, “added Celý.


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