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The secret to HP staying durable and long-lasting, it must not be expensive

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Mobile (HP) is a device that cannot be separated from our hands. But sometimes battery life often becomes a problem in itself. So that the cell phone used can be durable and last all day, there are some tips that can be done.

MX Product Marketing Senior at Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Ricky Bunardi, said it first smartphone cheap prices are often underestimated because they are considered to be damaged quickly and often slowly.

“nonetheless, now there are some tips that can be done smartphone you are durable and long-lasting. At the moment, there are also many cheap cell phones equipped with modern features and technologies such as large batteries,” said Ricky in a written statement, quoted on Tuesday (22/11/2022)

According to him, sustainable or not smartphone always depends on the user’s habits. nonetheless, there are a number of tips that can be done to take care of cell phones so that they last longer.

1. Charge the battery carefully

Limit usage smartphone when charging for essentials only. Because if you use smartphone continuously when charging, the battery will quickly drain. Your cell phone cannot fulfill its functions in full.

Apart from that, there is one thing you can do to maintain the durability and quality of the battery smartphone is used plate original.

To extend the life of the battery, also pay attention to the charging cycle. It is a positive idea to charge when the device’s battery has touched 30% and stop charging in the range of 80%-85%, so you do not need to go to 100%.

2. Use the screen smartphone and caution

For those who like mabar or parade social media, pay attention to how they use the screen smartphone– you. Do not press the screen smartphone too strong and avoid scroll the screen uses nails which can make the device less durable.

You should also periodically clean the screen smartphone-mu with a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth such as those used to clean glasses. Do not use textured tissues or cloths, as they may scratch the screen smartphone. To make it cleaner, pour the cleaning liquid on the fabric microfiber before cleaning the screen.

3. Regularly update operating systems and applications

To maintain performance smartphone keep it maximum from year to year, always sure update operating system. Hence, performance smartphone so it’s smoother, security system is more awake.

Besides update operating system, users also need to update the applications they use so that these applications can continue to run optimally without frequent lags.

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