The sound of the day # 383: Oceanic like Special Friend


Real Estate, Beach Fossils In the 2010s, a handful of Brooklynites groups have made a specialty of composing seaside melancholy albums, evoking the white beaches of New Jersey. An indie pop with clear guitars and light psychedelia, inherited from the Feelies and Yo La Tengo, who did not leave grains of sand between the toes but a sweet nostalgia of half-season.

In Before, the young Paris group Special Friend (barely a year old) perpetuates this oceanic pop, but on the banks of the Marne. The title announces a first EP of this Franco-American duo composed of Guillaume Siracusa (guitar, vocals) and Erica Ashleson (drums, vocals), to be released on September 27 at Howlin 'Banana, Hidden Bay and Buddy Records. Five titles (as well as a very successful Something in the Way from Nirvana) who are also eyeing the mopped power pop – we might think we hear Rivers Cuomo from Weezer – or the electric pop dream. The charming clip in reverse of Before, turned between the Seine-Saint-Denis and the Val-de-Marne, between flowers and concrete, is to discover below exclusively for Release.

Special Friend will be performing on July 26th at Point Ephémère in Paris, for a Howlin 'Banana evening with the eGGs and Cathedrale groups.

Adrien Franque

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