The story of a NASA robot exploding itself after completing a mission on Mars

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – When the Perseverance robot arrives on Mars, it turns out that it has to sacrifice the crane vehicle that carries it. The Sky Crane rocket self-destructed after its task was completed.

The Sky Crane carried Perseverance to the Jezero Mars crater on February 18, 2021. It was the vehicle that saved Perseverance from the terror of the landing seven minutes to success.

After Perseverance put its wheels on Mars, the Sky Crane drifted away. Then the rocket destroys itself within a safe distance from Perseverance, quoted by Space, Thursday (25/2/2021).

The destruction of the Sky Crane was also immortalized on the Perseverance camera and uploaded on the rover robot’s official Twitter account. In the upload, it was said that Sky Crane was destroyed two minutes after Perseverance landed.

“A moment of respect for the descent stage. Within two minutes of escorting me safely to the surface of Mars, I caught a puff of smoke through my Hazcams (hazard-avoidance camera) from the impact of the collision,” wrote the Twitter account.

With a considerable distance, protecting Perseverance from the explosion of the Sky Crane. Before being destroyed, the rocket showed documentation of the Martian sky blazing above the Jezero crater.

It also shows the landing process, including the opening of the supersonic parachute and the moment when the Perseverance wheel hits the ground on Mars.

For information, the US is the last country to reach Mars. There are already China and Saudi Arabia who have arrived on the planet first.

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The NASA mission was launched on July 30, 2020 from Cape Carnaveral Space Force Station Florida, USA. So Perseverance has spent 203 days traveling and as far as 472 million kilometers until it landed on Mars.

Perseverance will be on a two-year mission. The robot will explore and investigate the rocks and sediments at the bottom of the Jezero lake and river.

In addition, Perseverance is also in charge of looking for signs of life on the planet Mars.

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