‘The Walking Dead’ will soon return with ‘Terminator 2’ star

The new series of episodes of The Walking Dead season 10 will start in February 2021.

After “A Certain Doom” on October 4, the last episode of the original tenth season of The Walking Dead broadcast. Thanks to corona, this season will be expanded with an additional six episodes. Now it is clear when these will appear, what they are called and which actor will play an important role.

First that actor. None other than Terminator 2actor Robert Patrick will play an important role as a villain. His character appears to have a different lifestyle.

The table read below was also released as a teaser for the episode S10E19, in which we see Patrick with actors Ross Marquand, (Aaron), Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene Porter).

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Titles of the episodes

And AMC has also released the titles for the six episodes. These are called “Home Sweet Home”, “Find Me”, “One More”, “Splinter”, “Diverged” and “Here’s Negan”. From February 28 The Walking Dead so back again.

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