the Worlds semi-finals program

League of Legends: Worlds semi-finals schedule

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS – The League of Legends Worlds Championship will soon be over. There are only two weekends left to determine who will be the best League of Legends team in 2019.

[Mis à jour le 31 octobre 2019 à 14h45] The Worlds quarter-finals took place in Madrid, and results were predictable for at least half of the matches. Skt T1 thus won it hands down against outdated Splyce, but who did not deserve it and gave the Korean triple world champions a bit of a hard time. For their part, the G2 Esports stomped a bit against the Damwon Gaming, but ended up winning with a score of 3 to 1. The two winning teams will therefore find themselves in the semi-finals in a match which could very well be the final as the poster is grand: G2 against SKT, the best Europeans against the best Koreans.

The other group of quarter-finals saw an undisputed domination of China. Griffin, number 1 of the LCK, lost 3-1 to the Invictus Gaming, reigning world champions. One would have thought the Korean group closer to winning, but the experience of the Chinese ended up prevailing. Finally, Fnatic disappointed Europe enormously. Again. The team that had managed to take a match at SKT during the group stages immediately fell through with a Garen / Yuumi botlane without impact. The FunPlus Phoenix, which was not necessarily expected, took advantage of multiple errors from Fnatic to win 3 to 1.

China is therefore certainly qualified for the final, with a first semi-final opposing Invictus Gaming at FunPlus Phoenix, Saturday November 2 at 12:00 p.m. On the other side, the Korean giant SKT T1 will face the European colossus G2 Esports, Sunday November 3 at 12:00 p.m.

The spells of Senna, the new champion of League of Legends

The new champion of League of Legends will be Senna, and it is for connoisseurs, the wife of Lucian, locked up for 6 years in the lantern of the terrible harvester of souls: Tresh. But these 6 years drastically changed her and she now combines her old talents with the mist of the dark islands to gain power. Senna will therefore be a shooting character, but above all will be a support, and should have few opportunities to get out of this role. Its passive “Absolution” is thus based on the absorption of souls of minions and champions, and it uses the stored energy to improve its basic attacks. Support does not mean inactive, however, since it will have to take advantage of these power bonuses to attack its opponents.

His A, “Perforating shadow”, has almost the same name as Lucian’s, “Perforating light”, and has substantially the same effect. It is a straight line skillshot that deals damage to opponents, but also heals Senna and allies hit by the beam.

Senna’s Z then shows the abilities she developed during her captivity. “Last hug” will also be a skillshot and is launched in a straight line over a relatively short distance. If an opponent is hit, he creates a zone around him which will immobilize all the opponents after 1 second, for a duration of 1.5 seconds. However, if the original target dies during the delay, the immobilization is applied immediately.

Senna’s E is called “Curse of the Mist”. Senna uses her dark powers to hide in a cloud of evil mist, disappearing from the eyes of her opponents, and camouflaging her allies with her. Senna’s teammates who come out of the mist then appear in the form of a ghoul, impossible to target by the opponents until they attack or the Senna’s mist dissipates.

Finally, Senna’s Dawn Shadow Ultimate skill is a skill that can reach the other end of the map. Senna’s R covers a full lane in width, and the center of its radius deals damage to opposing champions. Throughout her Ultimate area, Senna grants a shield to the allies.

The mechanics of the champion are very original, and Riot always finds a way to exceed the expectations of the players, and to re-invent the mechanics of the game. Senna will thus be the first support shooter, and follows a rich year for this role, since there was Pyke, the first Assassin Support, and Yuumi, the first character to be able to hang on to other champions.

Riot Games finally justifies the S at the end of their name by proposing, for the 10 years of League of Legends, a plethora of absolutely exciting announcements have been made. Several games are planned for the coming months as well as an animated series, but also big changes on the summoner flaw. Let’s recap everything that has been announced.

First, League of Legends will receive several changes for the preseason 10, especially at the level of dragons. These will directly influence the map in addition to giving buffs to different players. For example, the infernal dragon will destroy multiple walls on the map, providing new traffic routes, while the ocean dragon will create more bushes and spawn fruit in each quadrant of the map. The air dragon will create drafts speeding the movement of the players while the mountain dragon will create new walls and obstacles around which to play. In addition to that, the lanes side will have a new alcove in which players can ambush. Several changes are also made to statistics, particularly in the jungle and the top lane, but the supports and murderers are not outdone. In addition, Riot games has just announced its new character: Senna, the wife of Lucian who was previously locked in the lantern of Tresh. Senna will be the first support League of Legends shooter and should bring a very interesting new style of gameplay.

Still on League of Legends, Riot Games has decided to accede to the wishes of TFT players and to bring the game mode to mobile, with a new seasonal system, but that’s not all, because the rumor is confirmed: League of Legends Wild Rift will be the mobile and console port of the famous MOBA, thus bringing an even greater potential for players. However, there will of course be no functionality crossplay planned, balancing between platforms being too complicated.

In terms of other announcements, Riot Games has put the package at its conference the night of October 15 to 16. First of all, Arcane is an animated series entirely produced by Riot Games, and which should tell the story of a duo of young girls at Piltover (probably Vi and Jinx if we follow the color of their hair). Next, Riot Games announced several new games. First of all, a set of collectible cards. In line with Hearthstone and other Magic Arena, Riot Games is betting on a card game based on the universe of Runeterra, Legends of Runeterra, with new mechanics for the genre. Then there is Project L and Project A. The first is a game of Versus Fighting with characters from League of Legends. The first glimpses were given during the EVO. Project A meanwhile wants to be a competitive FPS halfway between Counter-Strike and Overwatch. Finally, we only got a glimpse of it, but two other games will make their debut: League of Legends Esports Manager, who will look like a Football manager in which you will have to manage LoL players. The first available region will be LPL (China) and the other regions will be gradually added. The last game shown, Project F will be a Hack & Slash MMO allowing you to explore the world of Runeterra. You can find the conference below with all the announcements.

Clash mode in League of Legends

Clash mode appeared for the first time, but was removed very quickly due to numerous bugs. After many months of optimization and correction of the famous bugs, the game mode is officially back, and does not seem to suffer like its predecessor. In this mode, players can form teams according to their level and their favorite position, to compete in amateur tournaments every weekend. These tournaments provide access to numerous in-game rewards, and the first will take place on October 5. Registration is open until the evening of the 4th.

The design of the Clash game mode prevents novice players from falling on veterans (platinum and +), which allows all players to hope to achieve a satisfactory result. The rewards will obviously vary depending on the results and the progression within the tournaments, but all participants will have at least the following rewards:

  • A safe
  • Victory points to buy logos and team banner
  • Summoner icons

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