Theresa May could announce her resignation this Friday, according to 'The Times'


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,Theresa May, is preparing toannounce his resignation this Friday, as reported by the British newspaper 'The Times'.

According to the aforementioned newspaper, the prime minister is expected to announce her resignation after meeting this Friday withGraham Brady,the head of the 1922 Committee, the governing body of the Conservative Party in Parliament.

The head of the parliamentary group of the Conservative Party in the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, resigned this Wednesday because she does not believe that May's government will comply with the Brexit.

With Leadsom there are already 36 positions that have left the Government of Mayin the framework of the Brexit. However, this resignation comes at a critical moment for both the prime minister, who could live his last days in office, and for the divorce between London and Brussels.

May has been on the tightrope since the Brexit agreementnegotiated by the parties shipwrecked for the first time in Westminster, last January 15. In these months he has added two other parliamentary defeats that have unleashed a serious political crisis.

The 'premier' promised to resign once the Brexit agreement received the approval of their lordships,and after pulling the European Union a last postponement that has given the British until October 31 to prepare for divorce, with or without pact


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