Theresa May in the cyclone of Brexit


► Does Theresa May's proposed agreement Tuesday, May 21st contain news?

" Yes and no, believes Bernard Cros, lecturer in British civilization at Paris-Nanterre University. His 10-point EU exit bill is a kind of prevert inventory. There is nothing completely new, but adjustments, such as the proposal for a temporary customs union, a new law protecting employees, and a referendum that it previously opposed. " The latter would be to ask members of Parliament, once they have voted for the agreement, to vote on a plebiscite referendum by the people on this bill.

Cornwall faces the dilemma of the European election

Wednesday, May 22, during the traditional questions in Parliament, Theresa May detailed the content of her plan, qualified the day before by the " last chance " to give the British what they voted for, 52%, in the referendum of June 26, 2016, that is to say out of the European Union.

► Can these proposals seduce Labor?

They are the result of six weeks of cross-party negotiations with the Labor Party, which ended in failure. Their leader, Jeremy Corbyn, responded to Parliament, Wednesday, May 22, with a plea of ​​inadmissibility. "The bold new deal proposed by the Prime Minister is just a slightly improved version of the one rejected three times by Parliament … This government is too weak, too divided to pull this country out of the mess it has created. "

Even Nicola Sturgeon, head of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), who supported the idea of ​​a second referendum, said her 35 MPs will not support the prime minister's plan. "Theresa May said that MPs who vote against her plan will vote to stop Brexit. That's exactly what SNP MPs will do because Scotland did not vote for Brexit. "

► What are the chances of his text being voted on when it is presented?
in Parliament early June?

Tiny, not to say nil. His plan comes after three failed attempts in Parliament and as his own party, which has already made his move, is preparing to launch the campaign to replace it. Former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, already in the running to succeed him, tweeted: "We are now being asked to vote for a customs union and a second referendum. The bill goes against our agenda, and I will not vote in favor of it. "

Brexit revives debate over unified Ireland

The radical conservative breeders have also rejected his plans. " The backstop is still there, it's a customs union that does not say its name and leaves our destiny totally in the hands of Brussels ", said Iain Duncan Smith, a former leader of the Conservative Party, who had previously called to force the prime minister to step down.

It is clear that a large part of the Conservatives want him to pay for their collapse in the last local elections, where the party lost more than 1,300 seats, and their debacle announced in the European elections. If we are to believe the latest poll commissioned by The Timesbefore the vote on Thursday, May 23, Nigel Farage's Brexit Party would win 37% of the vote, LibDems, 29%, Labor, 13%, and conservatives only 7%.

The exasperation is such that the everyday Evening Standard announced on Wednesday 22 May in a "Plot" was running in the Prime Minister's office to ask him to resign on the spot!

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