These are the days when the new episodes of ‘The Mandalorian’ will be released in Mexico

Disney + has already arrived in Latin America, and with that a lot of new content to stream. The same day that the platform was released in various countries around the world, ‘The Mandalorian’ also arrived, a series from the Star Wars universe that has earned the respect of critics and fans.

This series is created by Jon Favreau. who is also one of those responsible for building the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and since its premiere it has become not only the star product of the platform, but also in one of the most viewed TV products of the past year.

Episodes of The Mandalorian second season on Disney +, Mexico

The first season began on November 12, 2019 and ended on December 27 of the same year, with eight episodes that they premiered weekly on Fridays. For this second season, the premiere format will be the same to be able to enjoy new adventures of Din Djarin with The Child.

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The second season It premiered on October 30So when Disney + arrived in Latin America on November 17, there were already three episodes premiered. The good news is that from the first moment these episodes were already available in our region, so we can enjoy the series at the same time than the rest of the world.

Episode dates for the second season of The Mandalorian on Disney +, Mexico

This second season will also be composed of eight episodes and in the following list with dates we will omit the title of each, to avoid possible spoilers.

  • Episode 1 – October 30, 2020
  • Episode 2 – November 6, 2020
  • Episode 3 – November 13, 2020
  • Episode 4 – November 20, 2020
  • Episode 5 – November 27, 2020
  • Episode 6 – December 4, 2020
  • Episode 7 – December 11, 2020
  • Episode 8 – December 18, 2020

Something curious is that with the animated series ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ this it looks like it will be different, since despite the fact that the seventh and final season has already concluded, so far in our territory only the first episode is available. We do not know if this series will also be released on Fridays, but if it followed the model that is used in the rest of the world this would be the most viable.

when the Clone Wars episodes are released in Mexico by Disney +

Besides ‘The Mandalorian’, Disney is preparing more content of ‘Star Wars’ to strengthen the catalog of the service, such as an Obi-Wan Kenobi series with the return of Ewan McGreggor in the role, a series focused on Cassian Andor being played by the Mexican actor Diego Luna and even a series of The Bad Batch, a squad of clone troopers that appeared in the animated series’ Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Disney+ has a monthly cost of 159 pesos per month or 1,599 pesos for one year of service and in Mexico there are various offers that can be obtained with stores and distributors in the country.

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