This professor at the UMCG calls Italy about the corona virus: “No worries, but alertness” – Groningen

He is not worried about the new corona virus in the Netherlands so far. But Professor Alex Friedrich, head of medical microbiology and infection prevention at the UMC Groningen, is keeping a close eye on the situation in Italy and the rest of Europe.

“I have had three teleconferences with Italy in the last 48 hours to better assess what’s going on there,” he says, just before he enters the next meeting on preparations for the corona virus at the UMCG.

Plans are available at the UMCG

No worries but alertness, that is still the motto in the Netherlands. Various plans are available at the UMCG, isolation beds are kept ready and there are two “Wuhan meetings” every day.

“I have the impression that they are doing very well and tightly in Italy now,” says Friedrich. ,, The virus must have been around for several weeks before it became clear that patients had it. My colleagues there are now working on mapping everything out to find out how many patients there are. It is now very important to make diagnoses in a low-threshold way for patients with a possible suspicion. “

The chance that the virus will appear in the Netherlands

According to Friedrich, it should become more clear at the end of the week about how far the virus has spread in Italy. This also provides experts with insight into the likelihood that we will have to deal with the corona virus in the Netherlands.

,, Certainly there is no panic, but we are very busy to be well prepared. Fortunately, we have increasingly better cooperation with other European countries so that we know where we stand in time. “

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