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To the jugular! Anahí ends Kim Kardashian for plastic surgery

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Anahí has ​​returned to the world of entertainment and, after announcing that she is expecting her second child, the Mexican also announced the launch of her “They are there” podcast last month.

In the weekly podcast, Anahí and her sister Marichelo expressed their views on cosmetic surgery.

Although Anahí has ​​made it clear that he has never undergone any such treatment, it is not against them, provided that they are done moderately:

I think if you have something that you don’t like, that makes you feel complex, that makes you feel bad and that you can repair or repair it or improve it, why not, it’s not bad at all. “

However, the actress who gave birth to Mia Colucci said that we should know how to stop and set limits:


And to exemplify what he expressed, Anahí turned to the example of Kim Kardashian, who since childhood showed a taste for cosmetic surgery:

Right now maybe it’s fashionable because we see Kim Kardashian and say “wow! I want to be like this”, but then what? What will happen when Kim Kardashian is 80 years old? Where will all this go, my God? I have a lot of concern about it, where it will go. “

Here the podcast to listen to the famous and her sister talks about it with the renowned plastic surgeon Ary Papadopulos.

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