Today, the last day to vote by mail in the municipal, autonomous and European elections 2019


In Spain we are living an intense electoral year. After the call to the polls on April 28 for the general elections, it is time for municipal, regional and European elections in 2019. Millions of people will go en masse to vote on Sunday May 26 to the many polling stations established throughout the national territory. However, for various reasons, there are many citizens who will not be able to exercise the vote in person and, therefore, opted for the option of voting by mail.

Well, after the deadline for requesting a vote by mail, today, Friday, May 24, ends the voting period by mail, three days before the municipal, autonomous and European elections. The applicant has a margin of up to 14 hours to deposit the envelope with his vote in any of the nearly 8,600 admission points that Correos has throughout Spain. The postal service recommended citizens who wish to exercise their right to vote by mail to try not to wait until the last day, due to the collapse that may result.

With the vote by mail we want to facilitate the participation of all Spanish citizens with the right to deposit the ballot in the ballot box, especially those residing abroad. For this reason, the postal delivery process was determined to be free and through the Ministry of the Interior, with the electoral departure, it is responsible for financially compensating the entity that operates the transfer of the vote. Spain faces the final straight of an election that will be decisive for the future of the course of the country. .


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