“Torpet” 2020: – – Half of Norway wanted to shoot me

It’s been six years Olav Harald Ulstein (57) from Sykkylven outside Ålesund was one of Norway’s most talked about reality participants.

The attention was due to unparalleled TV quarrels, where particularly prolonged pushing with fellow participant Finn Olav Odde was to provide headlines about both bullying and scandal TV. Ulstein came out again just as whole, but was both loved and hated.

In recent years, however, it has been quiet from Ulstein, but he intends to change that now.

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– Wanted to shoot me

This year he is among the participants in the side competition of “Farmen”, “Torpet”, and admits that he misses the storm that blew around him in 2014. When Dagbladet meets Ulstein on a small farm by Hønefoss, he says that he is ready for a new round.

– It boiled very well around me for a while, and it is unusual for a simple man like me from the village, suddenly I was in all the newspapers, he recalls, and continues:

HARD TRAVEL: Olav Harald Ulstein made a name for himself the last time he was on TV. Now he is ready for another round. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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– But I just have to admit that when it got quiet, I missed it. Half of Norway would shoot me at dawn and the other half preferably before. I flirted with it, it was innocent fun, he thinks.

The reality participant, who is now returning to the TV screen, really got to hear it for, among other things, eating a chocolate cake and for hiding away harnesses.

However, he makes no secret of the fact that he thinks “Torpet” is different from the main concept.

– On “The Farm” you play, create alliances, sabotage and get rid of your strongest competitors. There is no point in here, because then only a new one will come in anyway, he explains.

– Has more to offer

Ulstein is thus ready to return to the TV screen, whether it brings positive or negative attention. However, he is not alone at “Torpet”, and gets company and competition from, among others Karianne Amlie Wahlstrøm (29), which was knocked out by “The Farm” two weeks before the final in 2017.

– It’s awful to say it, but the feeling of knowing that I was going home to 2017, made me happy, she told Dagbladet three years ago.

NEW MOTIVATION: Karianne Amlie Wahlstrøm received positive attention when she was on TV last. Now she is back and will give everything – and naturally hopes it will bring more visibility. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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Now, however, the pipe has a different sound, and Wahlstrøm will give everything to hijack the space to enter the “Farm”.

– I have longed to return to the TV screen and feel I have more to offer. I feel it suits me to be on TV, so I was insanely happy when I was asked and was in no doubt, she says.


Wahlstrøm says that “Farmen” was mentally heavy because there were so many different people there. She therefore envisages that “Torpet” will be easier as there are far fewer participants there.

– I have good motivation this time and will read a lot. This time I am motivated to get as far as possible, and it should not be on the effort, she says, and adds that the expectations before she checked in at “Torpet” were high.

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– Before I met the other two, I expected that there would be two people I would struggle with. I am prepared for the fact that I will be gentle and that I will have to sort out conflicts, she admits.

But Wahlstrøm will probably not be the only “gentle fart” on the farm.

New job after “The Farm”

She and Ulstein also get company from Mathias Scott Pascual who participated in the previous season of the competition, and who just noted for his infectious mood and willingness to stand.

– When I entered “Farmen” last year, I felt that I was a real city boy, a gay city boy. But I learned a lot, and as the weeks went by, it changed, from the time I was part of the experience, to me winning, he says.

It is only barely a year since Pascual last took part in the competition, and he feels lucky to have been allowed to travel 100 years back in time again, so soon after. However, it was a coincidence that he actually made it go up this time.

QUICK BACK: Mathias Scott Pascual was on the TV 2 success as late as last year. This year he will win. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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– I started a new job as sales manager in Nordic Choice in February, but then came the coronavirus, he says, and continues:

– I was laid off and have been since the end of March. Had I worked, I probably could not have participated, so it fit well.

Although he charmed many in the sink last year, he will play more this year.

– I join because I want to win “The Farm”, but it is out of my control in many ways, he admits.

– I will play a little more and then it will cost a little, but I do it with my heart and behave nicely. I’m not going to be naughty with anyone, but may not be quite the kind, decent and open I was last time. We will see if I can actually do it, he continues.

“Farmen” and “Torpet” premiere next week.

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