Turkey-France: "Umtiti is in trouble", Judge Manu Amoros


Manu Amoros, former defender of the France team considers that the performance of Samuel Umtiti is explained by his lack of pace and the few games played this season with FC Barcelona. Above all, he believes that the defensive problem of the Blues is above all collective.

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Has France made a non-match against Turkey?

MANU AMOROS. Absolutely. It was a complicated and difficult match because the Blues did not approach it with the appropriate state of mind. In the first half, we saw a lot of lost passes and defensive errors on the first goal. Ditto on the second goal with a lack of aggression. There were even far-fetched gestures like this heelade of Pogba. But, in the end, we saw no sequence and no reaction after the break.

Is the French defense the first to blame for this defeat?

I think it's the group as a whole that is responsible. For example, in the first half, we saw Mbappé try a dribble and lose the ball. But behind, he does not produce the effort to defend and try to recover the ball. That said, fortunately Lloris was up to the task, because he was neglected by his defenders.

Nevertheless, the performance of Samuel Umtiti is very worrying no?

Umtiti does not have the rhythm because it does not play or little in Barcelona. And the workouts never replace the matches, so he's struggling. It's a shame because there are players who play in club but do not play in France team.

What about Mbappé who also seems to be struggling at this gathering?

It feels a bit like it's next. He is young, and he may not be channeling all his efforts. On this match, Mbappé lacks technical and tactical accuracy on these offensive phases. But neither does he make efforts on the first defensive curtain.

The season may have been long for him?

It's true that he played a lot of games. But he also wanted to do them. After, I see that the French have had more than a week to prepare this important match. This is the recurring problem of the month of June for the Blues. But, well, we will catch up with Andorra …


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