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Turkey has begun testing the Russian S-400 missile system

According to Reuters, if Turkey officially confirms tests of Russian missiles, it will increase even more tensions in relations with the USA, which has long criticized the purchase of an air defense system. According to the Americans, Russian ground-to-air missiles are a threat to Western armies and are not compatible with the weapons systems of the North Atlantic Alliance, of which Turkey is a member.

Turkey is still silent

A $ 2.5 billion contract (about 55 billion CZK) closed Turkey in September 2017, Russia fulfilled it last year with the delivery of four S-400 systems, which together corresponds to the strength of the regiment. This year, the head of the Russian state armaments conglomerate Rostock said that next year Russia could sign an agreement with Turkey on another supply of S-400 systems.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense did not want to comment on the exercise at the Black Sea. However, according to Turkish analyst Turan Oguz, it can be deduced from the records with high probability that the army fired a missile from the S-400 system and that the target was probably not at high altitude.

Washington punished Ankara for purchasing the Russian system by removing Turkey from the program of F-35 fighters, in the production of which the country participated and which it wanted to buy. The US has also threatened possible sanctions, but has not yet enforced them.

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