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Ubisoft’s Roller Champions will receive an alpha closed next week

Remember Roller Champions? It was by far one of the most interesting games announced at E3 last year, and Ubisoft has now staged an alpha shutdown on PC starting next Wednesday to give players a chance to try it out. Roller Champions is basically a 3v3 roller derby with some basketball thrown, and it looks so colorful and different from many other things that Ubisoft is trying to sell us, personally I can’t wait to try it out.

Matt played Roller Champions at E3 and had a lot of fun:

“In the 27th minute, due to a series of terrible shots and failed passes in which we almost managed to keep control, I was skating on the circle with the ball in my hand. I went to my friend, a few moments before being faced on the ground. My friend passed by again, avoiding the same fate – and finally, FINALLY, he scored our third teammate. We broke out, “he wrote.

“It was joyful in a way that I can’t convey correctly and I’m sure I will never be able to replicate.”

The next alpha will allow you to customize your skaters, use some funky moves to face and play in the three different arenas. Unfortunately, the progress you make in Alfa will reset when the game is fully released, but you will get special game equipment to show that you managed to enter Alfa in the first place.

If you cannot enter the closed alpha, you will be placed on a waiting list to enter the closed beta. We don’t know when it will still be, but the developers seem to have everything rolling now, so it’s probably not too far away.

You may have already tried some Roller Champions during E3 as well, because the developers released a pre-alpha demo to the public shortly after it was revealed. In addition to this, however, they have been fairly quiet so far.

All this adorable alpha and beta business is happening on PC, although when the game is released it will also be available on consoles and mobile devices.

The closed alpha runs from Wednesday 11 March at 16:00 GMT, to Monday 23 March at 20:00 GMT. It will be available on PC through Uplay and you can register for the chance to play on the Roller Champions website.


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