Friday, 18 Jan 2019

United States economy grows to 4%


  • The US economy increased between April and June

  • Private forecasts do not ensure that the pace is sustainable

  • The rest of the year is likely to see growth of around 3%

The US economy grew in the April-June quarter, at an annual rate of 4.1%

That is the fastest pace since 2014, driven by consumers who began to spend their taxes, and exporters who sought to have their products delivered before retaliation fees.

The Department of Commerce reports that the gross domestic product, the total production of goods and services of the country, registered its best result since an increase of 4.9 percent in the third quarter of 2014.

President Donald Trump predicts that growth will accelerate with his economic policies.

But private forecasts warned that the pace from April to June is unsustainable because it is due to temporary factors.

The rest of the year is likely to look good, but slower growth of around 3 percent.

The president gave a press conference on Friday where he talked about economics, and also referred to the remains of heroes killed in the war: “At this moment, a plane loads the remains of some great heroes fallen from the United States back from the Korean War, “he said. “They’re going back to the United States.” He said that Vice President Mike Pence would greet the families when the remains of what he called “the incredible American heroes” arrived.

“I want to thank President Kim for keeping his word,” he said of the North Korean leader.

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