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‘Unmentionable suffering threatens’ – Wel.nl

We have been able to experience it for ourselves recently: the climate is out of whack. And good too. Climate scientists are sounding the alarm again. If we don’t act immediately, a bleak future awaits us, it sounds.

The latest report analyzes 31 parameters, including greenhouse gas emissions, changes in surface temperature, the loss of ice mass at the poles and the decline of rainforest in the Amazon, as well as GDP in several countries and fossil fuel subsidies granted.

According to the researchers, things are much worse than two years ago, when the report was published. New records were set in more than half of the categories. For example, greenhouse gas emissions have never been so high and the thickness of glacial ice is at its lowest point in 71 years. The air has never been so polluted. Earlier it was announced that a critical point in the Amazon region has been crossed: the rainforest emits more CO2 than it absorbs.

“The speed of the changes we are making is essential and a new climate policy must be part of the recovery plans after the corona crisis,” it sounds.

Earth Overshoot Day
Today is also Earth Overshoot Day, the day when humanity uses up all the resources the Earth can produce in a year. Last year, during corona time, this day was four weeks later, but now it is exactly the same day as in 2019. It means that we are again emitting as much CO2 and cutting trees as before the corona crisis. And that we need 1.7 Earths to meet our needs.


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