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Use consumer technology well when planning your summer vacation.


Kim Komando, Special to USA TODAY

Published 5:00 a.m. ET June 27, 2019


The virtual private network: Elizabeth Weise, TODAY's, low-tech explanation provides a high-tech tool that we use every day.

The summer has come, and millions of people will take time off and go to exotic destinations around the world. They will look for beaches, lakes, hotels, rents, cars, airplanes, trains, restaurants, museums – and need vitamin D.

When booking your holidays, provide high-tech technical use to consumers. For example, worrying cameras are hidden in hotel rooms and vacation rentals.

Unlocked smart phone lets you access websites and apps almost anywhere. This can be very empowered, whether you are a single traveler, a family, or a tour group. (If you're feeling flexible and adventurous, you can get reliable travel companions to help you share the costs.) T

So as you put your itinerary together, there are some hacks here to make your journey easier. While you are there, you may wish to see the requirements of the new security documents that will only take effect for a year or so.

1 – Mobile Passport

No one likes to stay in line. Especially at the airport. Worse with young children. It is worse at an international limit, where your documents are inspected by a stock officer.

A Mobile Pass was designed to expedite this process. After all, long lines do not like long lines more than we do, and the less time agents have to send waste to good citizens, and the more they can set aside suspicious characters.

Download the app, enter the relevant information, and you will have the special barcode. This application entitles you to skip the long lines; for families traveling together, you can enter all their details at the same time – including passport numbers and the length and purpose of your visit.

If this is too good to be true, do not worry: TSA has contributed to its development.

Google Flights is a great site to look for good prices on airline tickets. (Photo: Getty Images / Thinkstock)

2 – Google Flights

Finding online markets is an art form, and once you have mastered this sudoku skill, you may be browsing flights just for the sake of it.

Google Flights is the final champion for online booking, partly because it is so comprehensive and that helps you track the right deal at the right time. Enter any destination worldwide, plus a reasonable date range, and Google keeps you posted about price trends and dips. You can also use their digital map to view bargains and get ideas.

That is not, of course. There are many ways to use Google in your vacation planning advantage.

Avoid using Wi-Fi public places, if you can, or use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and refrain from typing passwords. (Photo: HP)

3 – Use VPN and be careful on public Wi-Fi

If I once said, I said it is a thousand times: don't use public Wi-Fi for anything you don't want to be exposed to on the internet, except in emergency situations. Any free sign has the potential to be a lock of hackers and viruses, especially when you are approaching. Most of us seek Wi-Fi in places such as airports and hotels, but if the signal is not vetted and secure, you could be inviting your trouble.

However, you are likely to have to login to the internet somewhere, so your best protection is a virtual private network or VPN. Such networks are inexpensive and easy to use, and they confirm you against cyber-criminals moving.

Here are five other ways not to be hacked while you on the way.

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4 – Scan important documents and save them to a cloud

For years, travelers have photocopied their passports and deposited them in special wallets, in case their most important identity is dispersed. Now you can read a digital photograph of your passport and save it to a cloud; in that way, you can easily create the local embassy that you've been saying. Passing passports is a pain, but embassies have wonders to help undocumented travelers on the road.

You can also save photos of your credit cards, health insurance and other essential materials. Holiday pockets can destroy holidays, but with your card information safely available, you have the option of booking a flight house (before canceling cards and informing your bank of any charges without ). t

If you use iPhone, the Notes app is perfect. Check insider trick to scan documents.

5 – Set My Friends on your phone or Life360

Find My Friends rose a lot of hassle when it first hit the market, but millions of Apple users benefited from the tracking of these sites, and it seems saved the life software.

There are many apps that are designed to give love to people who love them such as Phone Tracker and Life360. These are particularly useful for young travelers equipped with smartphones.

Since these apps depend on an active signal, they are more effective in your home country or where you have received a Sim card.

6 – Make a word code to know your family only

This little trick is as old as time, and is useful in everyday life as well as family holidays. Parents and children can “choose a password.” In the classic story, a stranger contacts a child and says, “Your parents asked me to drive you home.” If the password is not known the stranger, the child should be an adult. This works very well on the road, where people and places are unfamiliar, and it is more difficult to identify dangers.

Now the password can be extended to mobile phones. If children feel they are threatened or worried about their environment, they can send a password to parents in a text – meaning that there is nothing to the people around them – and they ask for help simultaneously.

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