Valentino Rossi feels the symptoms of a “big flu”

Valentino Rossi gave this morning to an Italian radio a first interview by phone, after the announcement of his infection with COVID-19 Thursday evening.

Admitting to be “still pissed off” by the situation when he must miss at least one Grand Prix, the Yamaha rider appeared as joker as usual and in relatively good shape despite the symptoms which alerted him on Thursday. “In the end, it’s like a big flu: constant fever, headache, sore bones”, he explained to Radio Deejay hosts.

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“I did the classic test on Tuesday morning, so I had the green light to enter the paddock”, Rossi said. “But Wednesday night, Thursday morning, before I left, I started to feel bad. The symptoms were precisely these: back pain, bone pain, headache. I took my temperature and I was 37.6. “

Alerted, the Italian pilot called his doctor and passed two new tests, until receiving the verdict in the afternoon. “I was given another quick test, which was still negative, but I still decided not to go because I was not well. The result of the correct test came in the afternoon and it was positive. Fortunately I stayed home, at least I’m home “, he stressed.

Paraphrasing a saying that fortune is blind but bad luck sees it very well, Valentino Rossi believes that the virus has hit hard in recent days. Shortly after her own announcement, it was swimming champion Federica Pellegrini who also revealed to be contaminated. “I wrote it to Pellegrini. I told him that the virus sees it well, because it took her, me, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic. He raised the level!” he joked.

Now stranded at home, the Yamaha rider followed the first free practice of the Aragón Grand Prix on television, notably observing the half-hour delay in waiting for the thermometer to rise when less than 10 ° C. were recorded on the asphalt of the circuit shortly before 10 a.m. “Riding a motorcycle with these temperatures is very dangerous”, he judged.

Valentino Rossi is not the only driver to miss this round because of the coronavirus: Moto3 rider Tony Arbolino is in solitary confinement in Spain, after traveling with an infected person.

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