Vivo V20 Presents Amazing Selfie-Vlogging Experience for Young People

Report from Journalist, Hari Darmawan

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTAI live V20 which officially launched in September 2020, brought technology and innovation that supports the activities of the younger generation every day.

Through its camera technology, I live V20 provides an amazing experience for young people who like to do selfie-vloging activities.

Vivo V20 has a 44MP Eye Autofocus front camera which can maximize the better selfie-vlogging experience.

44MP Eye Tracking capability on the front camera I live V20 able to track the focus point on the eye, to record a clearer image.

With 44MP Autofocus capability, it can focus automatically on objects both near and far.

Through its camera technology, Vivo V20 provides an amazing experience for the younger generation who likes to do selfie-vloging activities.

Another feature that supports V20 user selfie-vlogging is support for 4K Selfie Video recording on the front camera to get clearer, sharper and more detailed video results in creating content.

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Vivo V20 is also equipped with Steadiface Selfie Video which can stabilize video recording. In addition, Slo-Mo Selfie Video also increases user options for recording selfie videos.

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Vivo V20 also presents an interesting Art Portrait Video feature that provides a monochrome background and bokeh effect to support user selfie-vlogging.

Another amazing feature is Dual-View Video which allows users to do video recording with the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

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