«We are witnessing a revival of attitudes that appear in the cultivation and promotion of language as a kind of anomaly»

La Voz de Galicia


Cotobade makes Antonio Fraguas eternal today on the Day of Galician Letters. The ethnographer, geographer, historian and teacher will live forever at the foot of what was his school. Homenaje acts started early in the place where he was born and he felt very close in spite of living in other Galician cities.

La Voz de Galicia

The main political representatives, as well as their family and the president of the Royal Galician Academy, Víctor Freixanes, unveiled a plaque at the school where they trained as a child and grew as a reference point in Galician culture. This was the first stop of an act full of tributes, which will continue throughout the day. The plenary of the Galician Academy will be developed in the oak grove of Famelga, next to the first school of Antón Fraguas. It was in that center where the master saw him future seed and asked his parents to let him get up. The teacher achieved this purpose and Fraguas soon marched to Pontevedra, where he was a pupil of Castelao. Later it ended up occupying the hollow that left the universal rider empty.

Later on, the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, made a veiled criticism of the political use of languages: "We are witnessing a revival of attitudes that appear in the cultivation and promotion of language as a kind of anomaly, or at least something superfluous, and added that «seeing it as a hindrance (the language) is part of tendencies that come from situations that are different and distant».

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Fraguas (on the right), with Filgueira Valverde<! –

Fraguas (on the right), with Filgueira Valverde

In 1992 the master of Cotobade granted to Xosé A. NeiraCross this interview, unpublished until today

On April 27, 1992Antonio FraguasI received him in his apartment on Calle Montero Ríos, in Santiago. It was the first time we talked, despite taking time by carting. An epistolary relationship that was born from the outcry of a curious teenager who wrote to a man he admired as someone who iced a bottle to the sea with a message inside: without much hope that the answer would come. Obviously, if he arrived. It could not be otherwise mediating the generosity and goodwill of Fraguas.

-I confess that I keep wondering why he was responding to that unknown boy.

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