“What are you doing, asshole? Stop kicking me”

The news of the weekend in Spanish football was that with few days of training and after a long novel in terms of its continuity, Lionel Messi was a starter in the friendly that faced the Barcelona and Nàstic, in a preparatory duel for the new season of the Spanish League, which for the ‘Culé’, will begin on the third date to finish last year just in August Champions League.

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However, another fact that has made the news in the last hours was an event within the game and that has to do with the Argentine star. In a talk with the Spanish program ‘El Chiringuito’, Javier Ribelles, Nàstic player, revealed that he had a cross with Messi for making him a strong personal mark, during the match.

“I was clear that I could not let Messi turn, because otherwise you are very complicated. In one of those he receives from behind and I go with everything. He put the ball down, turned around and said: ‘What are you doing, idiot? kick me ‘, and I was surprised and told him that he is the best and I have to kick him so that he does not turn, “revealed the midfielder.

“I saw him as always on ‘TV’, with that serious face, like thinking about his things, but every time he caught the ball he changed the rhythm and did practically what he wanted,” added the 28-year-old Spanish footballer.

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In addition, Javier Ribelles stated that he had planned to ask Messi for the shirt at the end of the first half, but given that crossword he changed his mind “At halftime I was going to ask him for the shirt but he was angry with me. In the end I changed it with Griezmann “, he pointed.

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