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The Feedback Center application available in Windows is used to pass feedback on the system and applications from Microsoft. Through it, users can report bugs and suggest new features. The others then vote with their thumbs and add priority. What is currently the highest on the list of unfulfilled wishes?

Most often, fans call for more use Fluent Design, which added new icons, color transitions and simulations of various materials to the dozens. With each update, dozens of those new features have been added, but even Windows 11 is not yet realizing the full potential of Fluent Design.

The second most popular feature is Bookmark Explorer. Features still familiar from browsers, graphics editors, or alternative file managers are still avoided by Microsoft. However, it will be added to the Explorer by, for example, the QTTabBar tool.

Fans also want to return the opportunity move taskbar in windows 11 up or sideways. By default, the system saved it down and it cannot be changed.

A lot of people would also like to unified inbox in the Mail application. Those who use multiple e-mail accounts must check multiple folders one at a time. However, the unified inbox is also missing in the large Outlook.

The fifth most sought after change is to graphics driver updates were optional. Now they are mandatory, they simply cannot be avoided and sometimes they cause problems. Users in the Feedback Center mainly complain about AMD drivers, which are not in ideal condition and make the whole system angry because of them.

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Taskbar in Windows 11 is also the sixth most watched topic. Fans want it back small icons as in the Tens. In the new system, the height of the panel cannot be changed and it basically wastes a lot of space.

Windows should also allow change your default search engine. The system is closely tied to Bing, so queries in the Start menu lead to it. You will not set Google or any other alternative there.

People also call for cancel control panels or rather make all its items available in the new Settings. One day this may happen, it’s a gradual process. Even today, however, the truncated Settings must suffice for most ordinary users.

Insiders also suggest that Windows 11 they had lower CPU requirements. Microsoft requires AMD Ryzen 2000 or Intel Core 8th generation and later chips. What about Microsoft? Increased requirements are not for performance, but for security. Old processors are leaky or do not have the appropriate features to protect the system at the hardware level.

The tenth most popular feature is automatic wallpaper change from the Windows Spotlight catalog. The background changes on the lock screen, but not on the classic desktop. But this is solved, for example, by the Bing Wallpapers application.

And one more bonus tip. What would Czech users want the most? Localized Cortana. Voice Assistant has been an important part of the system since Windows 8, but Microsoft has gradually cut its features, and with Cortana it doesn’t look very good. Before he speaks Dobrovsky’s language, he may lose speech completely.

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