Why did Prince William hesitate so long to make a comrade to Catherine?

Prince William and Kate Midltone met at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Already in 2003, the two were a couple, but the royal family did not report the engagement. Some more skeptical people were already worried if the prince would ever ask for Middleton’s hand at all.

It was recently revealed why William had been hesitant to sue for so many years. In her latest book, Kate: The Future Queen, the King’s expert and biographer, Kate, writes that the reason for the hesitation was very well understood and even kind to Kate.

Prince William did not want his marriage to end in divorce, as did his parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles. He wanted to give Kate a lot of time to make sure that her life in the royal house and the ensuing obligatory commitments were acceptable to her and that she could put the ring on her girlfriend’s finger.

Nicholas writes: “Divorce has haunted the royal family for too long. From the abduction of Edward VIII in 1936, which almost destroyed the monarchy, to the most recent divorces of Diana and Charles, as well as Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Unhappy marriages threatened to seriously undermine the otherwise stable constitution. Before William asked Kate to marry her, he wanted to make sure she really wanted it. Living together, Kate could decide if it was, or, as William later put it, “give up” if it weren’t. “

According to Nicholas, the time Will and Kate spent living together as a couple was crucial, as they both had the opportunity to test the life of the marriage in a variety of ways.

“William and Kate were well aware of each other’s shortcomings and worked well together as a team,” the author writes. “For a lifetime of being intimidated by the pain of parental divorce, it was important for William that when he got married, it would be for life.”

During these many years of friendship, Kate has made sure that she is ready to live in the royal family and is now a role model for millions of people around the world.

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