YPF will put five drillers in three areas

YPF will begin in the next few days to mobilize its perforadores toward Vaca Muerta’s condensate window. As he could know +e, the main block developer in the unconventional segment will use five teams to give new impetus to the production of gas.

It will be in three areas, located in the Neuquén formation, which has the main share of gas under the new price scheme, with 47 of the 70 million cubic meters per day (MMm3 / d) that will have a contribution from the national State.

A first piercer, precisely the 167 team, which served as the background for the scenario that was set in Loma Campana during the visit of President Alberto Fernández in Loma Campana, will go to the La Ribera area.

Just as anticipated +e at the beginning of October, the company plans to drill 46 wells there in the condensate window above this point in the Vaca Muerta formation. The original plan is for eight years and the goal is shale gas.

Another area where the new drillers will enter is Mangrullo Corner, neighbor of the main gas block of Vaca Muerta, Stone Fort, operated by Tecpetrol, the oil arm of the Techint Group, another of the companies that could aspire to the new pricing scheme.

How anticipated this medium last August, YPF requested permission from the province to distribute 74 wells in eight PADs, in addition to building transportation infrastructure and power lines there.

Aguada de la Arena is the third block where he will take drillers, as he learned +e. It is an area that arouses expectations in the company under the control of the national State, also because of the Vaca Muerta point where it is located. Is bordering La Calera, the Pluspetrol area that registers excellent gas and condensate yields.

Late 2019, this medium also anticipated what were the plans of the oil company in Aguada de la Arena, where it projects about 26 wells, also in gas and condensates.

At first, there would be no driller destined for El Orejano, one of the precursor blocks of the unconventional industry in Argentina, where YPF in partnership with Dow carried out the first massive development of the country.

In this way, it is clearer to which point in the Neuquén Basin the new drillers will go, an alternative that implies a break with activity levels during the pandemic and, in the gas segment, with the collapse of new perforations in the last year.

Today there are 12 drillers in Neuquén. The arrival of new equipment had been a commitment of the CEO of the company, Sergio Affronti, who He had anticipated it in the context of the negotiations with the oil unions.

At the same time, the company has about 81 DUC wells, those drilled but not put into production. Ten of them are gas.

In any case, they are only a portion of what the country would need to be able to revitalize production in the next four years, those in which it seeks to avoid the scenario of greater imports and a greater transfer of foreign currency abroad.

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