3FM DJ Sander Hoogendoorn infected with corona virus and works from home | NOW

Radio DJ Sander Hoogendoorn was tested positive for the corona virus on Saturday. He has been presenting his morning show on 3FM from home since last Tuesday, the DJ announced in his broadcast on Monday morning.

“My complaints started last Tuesday. Since then I have been sitting here in self-isolation at home and all my morning shows come from my breakfast table”, says 32-year-old Hoogendoorn.

He is now feeling well again, but was shocked by the result. “What I immediately started to worry about was my surroundings. I immediately asked myself: did I keep enough distance from friends and colleagues? Did it all go as it should?”

The DJ thinks this is the case, he says. “If I hadn’t, who else knows who else I would have infected with this virus.”

Since the departure of Domien Verschuuren in 2018, Hoogendoorn can be heard on 3FM every Monday to Friday between 06:00 and 10:00 in the morning. He presents the program Sanders Friend Team.


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