A fine sunny day on a tap to reach a weekend


If you are happy with the cooling days of the autumn with plenty of sunshine, then Sunday for you.

It is hoped that the pleasant Atlanta weather metro which enjoys Saturday will meet around the next few days, and there is no rain forecast for the second half of the weekend.

“Starting on Sunday, we start with sunlight and keep it around in the afternoon,” said Meteorologist News Action Channel 2, Eboni Dean.

It is expected that the day will start to be cold, so maybe a light jacket would be brought to any early morning activities, Deon said.

By Sunday afternoon, however, the temperature in the Atlanta is expected to reach the lower 60s.

“We'll see mostly sunny skies as we finish the weekend,” she said, it's a good day calling on Sunday to go out.

The south weather should stand by week, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s every day through Wednesday, Dean said.

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In terms of traffic, Georgia Transport Department crews are working together at the same time, so drivers are encouraged to give themselves some extra time.

A full list of metro lane lane closure is available here.

Drivers should not expect any delays associated with football on Sundays as the Atlanta Falcons in Charlotte are taking to Carolina Panthers.

Kickoff is at 1 p.m.

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