Accidents to look good on camera


He likes to get into fights, is a danger behind the wheel and causes fires wherever it passes. Anyone would call Angel Plana reckless if he were not one of the most demanded specialists in Spanish audiovisual of the last years. He has lent his body so that famous actors in our country would fight battles, survive accidents and fall from buildings with virtually no scratches. In the wounds of war that he keeps in his body, names of emblematic titles of the national television are read.

«The rise of specialistss in Spain is due to the series. I started with 'Family Doctor', who began to take action shyly. And then came 'Companions', 'Journalists', 'Police', 'Central Hospital' and 'Red Eagle'. All series usually have someone in action, even for a short sequence. In fact there was a time when they were more common on television than in the cinema. With the crisis, films of this genre descended, because they tend to be more expensive, ”explains this professional, who has two schools in Madrid and Barcelona where students are instructed in all the techniques and disciplines so that they later decide on their specialization. “Now there is more demand, we are even in demand of Chinese theme parks. We have advanced a lot, ”he says.

He, however, had to be self-taught. «I spent two years in Paris in a school and also spent a season in Los Angeles, working with specialists who had participated in 'Team A'. When I came to Spain I was stuck, but it immediately came a generation of directors who opted to conquer the young public and we were able to try things, ”he confesses.

Recognize that likes to force limits – He broke the world record for simultaneous bonzos (30 specialists burned at the same time forming the peace symbol) – and surpass himself. When the scriptwriters discovered all the possibilities that crossed his mind, they incorporated him into his writing room.

«Those who wrote 'Hospital Central' realized that we could go beyond your imagination. There we did everything: explosions in buildings, people fighting, razors … This control allowed me to choose sites and experiment in multiple ways. But, above all, there were many accidents. We shot two each week, because it was the easiest way to create stories. Being so present from the beginning we could foresee more spectacular sequences, with trucks, ambulances or excavators ».

Accident Expert

It is not surprising with this school that Plana has become an expert in car accidents and has managed to beat world brands with complicated rollovers and collisions. And all this is later perceived in the series. "We propose to the directors where they should place the cameras in the shootings so that they get the best shots," he says.

Is there a trick to make this type of sequences look better, to make the viewer more surprised? Plana knows a few. Experience in this aspect is also a degree. «It is not easy for a car to tip over, after all they are designed so that this does not happen. Not in all areas you can record a scene like this because in some the car grabs well and it is not easy to fall. It is best to use a ramp to unbalance it – called a kicker – and fly out, or a hydraulic piston developed by Reyes Abbots – one of the specialists in most reputable special effects of the Spanish industry-, with which the car is shot upwards ”, reveals Plana. It also tells that they normally have two equal vehicles, one to record the conversations of the actors inside and another that uses the doubles, which is usually reinforced with steel bars and other elements.

The chains and platforms increasingly risk more with their series in this subject. He has lost his fear. This is demonstrated by current titles such as 'I am alive', 'The paper house' or the recently released 'Promises of sand'. Spanish actors, far from frightening them to participate in plots of this situation, are encouraged. «We like it a lot when they do the most things. We teach them fights, falls or how they should lie on a mat to simulate that they collapse ».

In what there have been no substantial differences is in the budget allocated to these tasks. «I have never allowed him to skimp on that, nor we can devalue this work. Sometime on television we have been told that they do not handle the budgets of the cinema, but we always respond that we play life the same, ”Plana ditch.

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