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Un DJ was on hand to set the mood for the Graduation Luncheon, an event organized “every year” by Pointe-Lévy school.

If the party took place this year in a “bubble-class”, a few dozen young people all the same gathered to dance for “a few minutes” at the time of the break, without regard to physical distancing, as revealed. The Journal of Quebec, Wednesday.

“We had underestimated the enthusiasm of the students. However, this period only lasted a few minutes, the crowd having been quickly dispersed as soon as the adults present noticed it and put an end to the musical interlude ”wrote the director of the school, Éric. Pouliot, in a communication sent to the parents.

“We regret that this situation has occurred”, we can read.

14 days in isolation

The Chaudière-Appalaches regional public health department said it was “concerned” about the possible impacts of this dance, which took place “without distancing or adequate protective measures”. The transmission of COVID-19 remains “sustained” in the community and similar situations have already resulted in “significant community transmission and serious consequences for vulnerable people,” recalls the organization.

The director of the CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches, Dr. Liliana Romero, requested Thursday a 14-day administrative segregation, until December 2, for the students who participated in this dance.

As it is difficult to identify the individuals who gathered, the school administration proceeded to the administrative segregation of all the 5th secondary students, as of Friday morning.

“Management was not able to identify the students present with certainty, so we do not take any risk,” said Louise Boisvert, spokesperson for the Navigators School Service Center.

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The Police Department of the City of Lévis was responsible for investigating the events. “Complete checks” have been carried out, confirms spokesperson Christian Cantin. “For lack of identification of young people, however, we can not follow up on the investigation,” he said.

Nuances and reactions

Without trivializing the situation, some future graduates put into perspective the scope of the events that took place on November 18. It is a moment of celebration that some “needed”, testifies Élyse Proteau, a 5th year student in the Languages ​​and Multimedia program.

“I don’t agree with the gathering that has been created, but at the same time I cannot blame the students for wanting a little fun in the depressing situation we are going through. I can even less blame the management and our teachers who just wanted to give us a normal time in our weird last year of high school. “

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