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behind the scenes of an explosive and complicated Consultation Committee!

Yesterday, you discovered on Sudinfo the big announcements of the government following the Concertation Committee. Changes that will make it possible to resume (a little) the taste for life before-Covid. Of course, we would have hoped for much more. That the restaurants and cafes reopen more quickly, that we can once again attend a football or basketball game and that we go to the shows that we miss so much. We will still have to wait. A few weeks, a few months …

“Vaccination, vaccination, vaccination”. This word was repeated three times by the Prime Minister, yesterday during this umpteenth Consultation Committee. It will have lasted seven hours, proof that this mountain, often of incomprehension, had difficulty in giving birth to this mouse.

Yes, school will resume on April 19th. In the same condition it was when it was closed a week before the start of the Easter holidays. Yes, travel will again be permitted but not recommended. Only in the European Union and beware of those who do not respect the measures. It seems that the controls will be difficult to avoid. It remains to be seen …

Yes, the non-medical contact professions will reopen on April 26 and you will no longer need to make an appointment to go to so-called non-essential stores. We can then meet again with ten outside and more with four. We will launch pilot projects to hope …

It will be necessary to wait until May 8 to see the terraces reopen, to the chagrin of the Horeca. The outdoor plan had already been postponed. De Croo gave the reason for this new one-week delay: “This will allow 500,000 vulnerable people over 65 to be vaccinated”. Is. The curfew will be gone and outdoor sports activities will be extended to 25 participants, without an audience. And, the icing on the cake, we can invite not one but two people! We forgot to talk about the other condition: a number of patients hospitalized in intensive care must allow it. The figure of 500 was mentioned yesterday just for Covid patients but this has not been confirmed.

Then, if the vaccination campaign, the only weapon apparently in the hands of the De Croo-Vandenbroucke duo and if the figures for intensive care are good, we will consider more outdoor activities and an “indoor” plan at the beginning of the month of June. With the end of teleworking… but it’s been a long time, let’s face it.

To get there, we had to fight hard. The indiscretions quickly filtered out. We are told about the aforementioned duo, joined by Annelies Verlinden, who did not want to let go. He did not budge: the reopening of the terraces was on May 15, not on the 1st. Once again, we cut the pear in half, opting for May 8. The PS, which came out of the woods with the interview with Paul Magnette in our columns, had trouble digesting this new Belgian-style compromise. Elio Di Rupo expressed his concern about the loss of support of the people to these never-ending measures.

The battle

Once again, “VDB”, for close friends, gave the impression that he was living in his bubble of… zero. “As if he wandered on another planet”, we heard. So moving the house from 1 to 2 guests seemed like a snap victory. “This bubble of two, we have been asking for it since Christmas,” some squeaked.

Other stumbling blocks, the reopening of the Horeca, contact professions and non-essential businesses. While the date of April 26 had already been agreed the day before during the kern for the last two points, the Minister of Health refused to make this final decision, angering Elio Di Rupo. “Frank, you put everyone on their nerves”, he would have blurted out to the Minister of Health, and as reported by the Nieuwsblad.

In reality, Frank Vandenbroucke did not want to let go. If the terraces reopened on May 1, then the other relaxations should be postponed according to him. The solution finally came from Alexander De Croo who proposed this famous date of May 8.

We can’t wait for more, at the next Codeco. Or not…


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