Beware of the telephone charger! There is also a risk of death, warns the trade inspection

The SWISSTEN CLT304 mobile phone charger appeared in the market in a plastic bed and a paper package. The trade inspection found a high risk of injury or death.

“The CTIA found a high risk of electric shock to the consumer’s death until the consumer touches the USB connector on the body of the product, which shows a dangerous mains voltage of 230V due to insufficient insulation between the primary and secondary part of the product.” Jiří Fröhlich, spokesman for the trade inspection, informed about the product.

“Furthermore, it found unsatisfactory product labeling – the trade name and contact address of the manufacturer, the contact address of the importer were not given and the nominal value of the input current was not given,” added Jiří Fröhlich.

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority ordered the immediate withdrawal of the charger from the market and banned the seller from importing the product into the Czech market.” media=”screen” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” />

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