Humanoid suddenly runs through the driveway: Why this video is so irritating

There are many ways to manipulate videos. For example like this. Welcome to “Fake or No Fake”. In August 2018, Twitter user Maxim Sullivan posted a video that caused a stir. The 30-second clip shows a robot walking down a driveway. Can you tell if the following pictures are real robots? What do you think? […]

Smartphone takes control of the car

Dhis colleague drives in the Tesla on the highway, but we have the power. The Tesla app on the smartphone turns out to be a perfect control instrument: remotely monitor many functions of the car, query the location and the current speed and read the fill level of the battery. To do this, the car […]

Covid-19: Didier Raoult publishes a second study on the effect of hydroxychloroquine

The results relate to 80 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. They seem to show a decrease in viral load. Didier Raoult, director of IHU Méditerranée Infection in Marseille, says he has new arguments to fight against the Covid-19. The very media infectious disease specialist released a new study on Friday evening on the effects […]

iOS: uncorrected bug prevents VPNs from encrypting Internet traffic

A member of the Proton community has discovered a flaw in the way iOS handles outbound traffic. A problem escalated to Apple by the Proton Technologies team. Choosing the right VPN is crucial, because it is impossible for the user to determine whether or not a company is sticking to its commitments, since it does […]

CI Games continues sniper action series

Since CI Games with the sales ofSniper Ghost Warrior Contracts(to the test) was satisfied, a successor will be developed. Marek Tyminski (head of CI Games) revealed in an interview withStrefa InwestorowviaDSOGthat the production ofSniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2full swing. However, they could not yet name a release date. The publication could be realized faster, however, […]

First look at Carnage from Venom 2

Footage leaked from the debut trailer of the movie comic strip “Venom 2” (Venom 2). The quality of the pictures is pretty poor, but you can consider the main villain – Carnage, played by Woody Harrelson (Woody Harrelson). The premiere of the film Venom 2 is scheduled for October 1. The director is Andy Serkis, […]

Banks are pushing contactless payments because of the corona virus

Pay contactless Pay contactless: Up to a certain amount, this even works without entering a PIN. (Photo: obs / Accor Hotellerie Deutschland GmbH) Frankfurt With the increasing spread of the corona virus, the payment behavior of Germans also changes: They increasingly pay for their purchases using an EC card, which is now officially called the […]