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causes and risk factors

In general, PO dryItching and tingling, especially in the arms and legs, can be caused by several factors.

Cause dry skin

First of all, the loss of water in the stratum corneum, the most superficial layer of the skin. A 10% dehydration is enough, because the skin becomes less elastic.

The second factor is the acceleration of cell turnover linked to irritation from ultraviolet rays. Or even from substances that can induce allergies, when obviously these stimuli are maintained over time.

The third factor, the most important from a dermatological point of view, is related lipid reduction which makes the skin. When this phenomenon occurs, the epidermis can no longer hold water and becomes drier. In these cases, the skin tends to become dull, gray, rough to the touch and undergo a more or less intense flaking. Above all, it becomes less elastic and less soft.

Dry skin, how to prevent it

At the therapy level, the dermatologist must indicate proper therapy. But on the prevention front, it must be remembered that wind, cold and excess sun are enemies of the skin. But there are apparently healthy habits that can cause problems for some people. For example, frequent baths and showers with hot water, aggressive soaps, degreasing shampoos are not particularly suitable. Some attention should be paid to clothing, as synthetic clothing can aggravate problems for sensitive people.

In some cases, dry skin may result from drug treatment. There are retinoid-based drugs, which are used for the treatment of acne, those that combat intestinal spasm, blood pressure controlled diuresis may have the onset of this disease as a side effect.

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Dry skin, a symptom of disease

Dry skin can also be symptoms of disease affecting other organs. For example, in case of kidney failure, thyroid disease or when there is skin disease, such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

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