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CSAPLÁR’S GLOSSARY: Criticism of Pesan? Coaches, wake up. Where have you lost your confidence, your honor?

“Don’t worry, hockey players, I really won’t talk to you in my professional competence. Just the human one. I would like to comment on recent comments on the implementation team of the hockey national team, including manager Petr Nedvěd and coach Filip Pešán. And in general, what happened around the nomination for the Olympic Games.

If I criticize so-called experts who have never trained, then I am not very interested. But at the moment when the coaches, even those of the former national team, have a negative opinion, I would like to express my opinion from the football bank. I perceive this as unprofessional. Like an attack. If you were on the other side, would you like to be criticized by colleagues like that? Would that increase the confidence of the implementation team, the players? God, not at all!

By weakening the position of the coaches, you say that everything sucks, you ensure that we will start the Olympics with one goal and weakening. Or do you want to tell me that if the manager Nedvěd makes thirty more phone calls and the coach exchanges four players in the nomination, Czech hockey will suddenly flourish?

Take where football got to. You have the opportunity. If you want to make a change, definitely do not take the example of football. He doesn’t want to do it. Those to whom football belongs, who pays for it, who commands it, in unions or clubs, do not want competent, educated people. People who have accomplished something and have life experience. Czech football only talks about them. The pond with rotting water suits him. He doesn’t want to put a torrent in it. Sometimes you can catch some fish in that pond.

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That’s why I’m trying to defend the coaching guild. Coaches, wake up. Where have you lost your confidence, your honor? When I talk about human competence, I’m talking about your status honor, so that you don’t let it shake your head. The toughest opponent you have against you sits in the unions and clubs. If you quarrel with each other, these people are at the height of their well-being. They don’t want innovation, progress. They are afraid that they are not human or professional. They would not have to maintain their positions. This applies to both hockey and football.

And I ask: Who will improve the quality of hockey players? Club owners, chairmen, fans, media, agents? No. Only you, coaches. You know the most about what Czech hockey is sick of. But if you dig into your own nest and sprinkle each other, I dare say that you started the beginning of the end of Czech hockey.

I will support the hockey national team to do the best possible result at the Olympics. I tell the coaches and the implementation team not to be poisoned. And I keep my fingers crossed for hockey as such to learn from football. If he copies the mistakes of football, then let him prepare for Group B in the future. “

Josef Csaplár

Josef Csaplár is a Czech football coach. In addition to his coaching career, he also works in football as a television commentator and expert. He popularized concepts such as “Csaplár’s Trap” among fans and the media. His greatest coaching success is winning the championship with Slovan Liberec, where he worked with the experienced Ladislav Škorpil. He also worked for the national team under 17, his last league stand was in Zlín.

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