Monday, 10 Dec 2018

EE just launched a massive sale of Christmas mobile phones – and it includes iPhones

If you still have money after Black Friday, EE has just unveiled a new set of festive deals on some of the most requested phones of the minute.

Handsets and contracts are included in the discounts, including the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxys and SIM offers.

Some of our favorite sales discounts are the fact that you can get 30GB of mobile data for the price of 10GB and the iPhone 8 with 30GB of data for £ 53 a month.

Although not only phones that have seen a price reduction, we also spotted a good deal on the 42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch, which you can now get for just £ 18 a month.

The iPhone 8 is included in the bargains

Whether you are buying a new phone for yourself or for a very lucky loved one, we have selected our favorite offers in the sale below.

Having been launched only yesterday, all offers are available on the EE website throughout the month of December, ending on January 7th.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Initial cost of £ 10, £ 48 per month for 24 months, unlimited minutes and text, £ 100 rebate

Google Pixel 3

Initial cost of £ 30, £ 53 per month for 24 months, unlimited minutes and texting

iPhone 8

Initial cost of £ 10, £ 53 per month for 24 months, unlimited minutes and texting

EE mobile phone store
EE mobile phone store

Best SIM offer only

4GEE SIM with 30 GB of data for 25 € per month for 12 months

Lowest Price Offer

Alcatel 10.66 is available for 79p on a call and text package only (with a supplement of £ 10)


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