Fallen on his knees on his first date – Valters Pūce tells how he got to know his beloved

Walter has watched his future spouse in a once popular music club. The room was full of cigarette smoke, but through them the musician noticed Ilva’s profile and hurried to get acquainted. True, this moment in the memories of both forever will remain marked by a comic mood – in an attempt to attract the attention of sympathy, Walter clumsily caught up and literally fell on his knees in front of a beautiful woman.

However, this was by no means the only such moment – the couple experienced a more emotional event during a trip to Tenerife, when the musician had decided to seduce Ilva after living together for several years. This time the fall on the road has become much more elegant and thoughtful, earning a heartfelt word. However, the couple is not in a hurry with the wedding, because they do not hide – they want big and cool.

As Walter will reveal to the audience in the show, he would also be ready to simply correspond in the “thief”, but for the sake of his beloved, he is determined to wait a little while until the opportunity to hold a memorable marriage ceremony. “It’s not that as a child I dreamed of buying a suit and going to the altar. Well, it wasn’t. But I think Ilva has, “the importance of weddings for women and the dress they go to at the altar is emphasized by the musician.

You will find out what creative changes the cellist’s pandemic time has brought to the bride’s workplace in an apartment next door and how easy it is for people working in completely different professional fields to live in the latest episode of “Family Talks” – tonight, at 19:10 on the channel “ReTV”, as well as on Wednesday, at 21:00 on television for women “STV First!”

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