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FilGoal | News | 30 fire permits from Hussam Hassan .. on the authority of Al-Gohary, Shikapala, Marwan Mohsen, Abu Rida and ignoring

On 30 gunshots, Hossam Hassan sealed his prolonged media appearance on On Time Sports.

On the authority of Mahmoud Al-Gohary, Mahmoud Abdel-Razek, “Shekabala”, Marwan Mohsen, Hani Abu Raida, and what he described as ignoring him, and many other things, Hossam Hassan’s statements are as follows ..

  1. Hossam Hassan prefers to train any generation of the team? Many generations lived through until the 2006 generation, but the 1990 generation will remain technically strong, its spirit is high and its capabilities are great and with it an excellent job coach with his idea, I prefer to make a team like this with some positives of subsequent generations.
  1. The best art director in the history of Egypt? I do not want anyone to be sad for me, Mahmoud El Gohary is not comparable to anyone.
  1. The biggest mistake? I left the Jordan team to come to Zamalek in 2014. My hope was to be a team with players coming from everywhere to win a championship. Zamalek’s money was not more by the way.
  1. She left because of the administration’s thought at the time, set up a system for the team and Josefaldo Ferrera completed it and won the league.
  1. Mido was the closest to my game, and Mostafa Mohamed will have a role in the future of Zamalek and Egypt.
  1. Marwan Mohsen is diligent, and fortunate to be playing in Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly and playing the World Cup, the coaches gave him many opportunities.
  1. Egypt lost Amr Gamal after the injury because his rise was impressive.
  1. Khatib and Hassan Shehata were my ideals on the pitch. There is currently no communication with Al-Khatib.
  1. I do not currently have a relationship with Zamalek president Mortada Mansour, and I respect everyone.
  1. After I have performed as Ibrahim and I with Al-Ahly, Zamalek and the national team, I will not ask for a retirement match for me. The audience’s love is the most precious honor I received in my career
  1. After the World Cup Draw 2018 and my interview with Putin and football legends, I did not find myself in the Nations Cup draw. Samuel Ito and Nanko Kanu were in the cabin as if they were theirs
  1. “Is Hani Abu Raida behind that ignorance? He is the one controlling the Egyptian football, and ignoring is to choose a technical director or attend a draw or occasion.”
  1. My nervousness is a scarecrow intended to keep me away. There has been no comment on that in Jordan. For information, things are more assertive in Asia.
  1. I became quieter and gained experience, which is important in the coach’s career.
  1. Am I a spirit coach only? They find nothing to criticize me with, generating a soul for the players is not easy, and this complements the technical side in order to take the maximum benefit from each player.
  1. I would love to describe myself as a coach with innovation and solutions.
  1. Many players shone with me and nobody knew them, Islam Issa, Muhammad Hamdi and Ahmed Ayman Mansour.
  1. Shikabala has never played a season in his life like he did with me, neither before nor after.
  1. Cooper had a great car with him,
  1. We could have been better in the World Cup, and the employment of Salah could have been better.
  1. Al-Ahly had to start negotiations with the Quartet early to reduce choices before the players, and I think that he treated Ashour respectfully.
  1. If I were Fathi’s place, I would have accepted staying at Al Ahly with only 2 million pounds in the season.
  1. Feiler made a balance for Fathi at the expense of Mohamed Hani. I see him as a great player with a great future ahead of him.
  1. Ahmed Al-Shinnawi mistakenly misled himself.
  1. Saleh Jumaa took a lot from Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly was very patient with him, his departure is in the interest of both parties.
  1. My message to Shikabala: (Right yourself), you have great potential to benefit Zamalek and you have to help yourself.
  1. I hope Al-Ahly and Zamalek will reach the Champions League final, but Wydad is very strong, and if Al-Ahly played at its level before stopping, it will be a difficult match.
  1. Zamalek is a candidate to cross Raja, and Al-Ahly is entitled to the league title if it is canceled, and the Egyptian Cup title between Al-Ahly and Zamalek.
  1. Bassem Morsi has been short in his rights for a long time, and I did not find him focused when I dealt with him in Smouha.
  1. A player who objected to me? I will give it back and the account in the dressing room.

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