Former Representative. Joe Walsh to challenge Trump in 2020 primary GOP


Former Representative Joe Walsh, who was backed by President Trump, said on Sunday that he would pose a key Republican challenge to the president as “we cannot take another four years of Donald Trump.” T

Watching “This Week” of ABC, a former Illinois colleague, is now a radio-show radio host, called Trump “totally unsuitable to be president.” He said he was sending his offer. quixotic as “no one in the Republican Party came up” despite something that described him as a bad-hearted Trump performance.

“Everyone – in the Republican Party – believes that everyone believes it is inappropriate,” said Walsh, a tea-party strike that was a representative of the suburban Chicago area before he lost his seat in 2012. “It's every time he opens his mouth. ”

Walsh's announcement continued that he would go against the 2020 Republican nomination after a pioneering week, even according to the turbulent standards of Trump administration. Over a period of days, the president took part in a striking alignment of striking policies and provocative commentary flow.

With many economists mentioning signs that the economy might be heading towards recession, Trump responded through the strength of the economy even when it was contradictory itself on tax policy, he boosted trade war with China. and appointed his own head to the Federal Reserve Board, Jerome H. Powell.

In this way, he demolished a visit to Denmark, NATO's ally, concerned about the country's firm refusal to consider the purchase of the Arctic island of Greenland. He also denied that the Jews who were voting in Democrats were "unhelpful", reviving anti-Semitach trophies that were centuries old, and confirmed it was "the chosen one."

In general, the Congregational Republicans were silently uniform. Walsh said that he had certainly left the party profoundly with the voters' view, despite a poll showing that Trump has strong support among Republican voters.

The polls suggest that the vast majority of Republican voters allow the direction in which Trump took the party. A significant minority, who could pose a challenge, appreciate the fact that in many primary schools the Republicans have a “winner” in many primary schools, delegates may not have conventions by a competitor even if it has won a large share of the t votes.

The party's national committee spent its machinery high to support the president, and Trump leaders have led strongly on GOP party leadership in key primary states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Walsh insisted that he had no one. “The country is sick of this man's tantrum,” said Walsh, 57, from Trump, who is in Biarritz, France, this weekend for a meeting of the Group of seven industrialized democracies. “He's a child.” T

In contrast to the overcrowded democratic area, only one contestant, former Massachusetts member, Bill Weld, led a Vice-President in 2016 on the Libertarian Party ticket before Trump.

Weld said that he thought it was “amazing” that Walsh was going into the race, and he asked others to jump in as well, because more party candidates would lead to a stronger debate under the guidance of the party. .

“We need to put together reasonable people,” said Weld on NBC's “Meet the Press”.

“Surely a terrible president goes down the stock market, but that doesn't mean we have to enjoy it.” T

Walsh himself is renowned for inflammatory rhetoric, which sometimes focuses on ethnic, religious or racial minorities in a way that reminds Trump. But he said that he grew disappointed with the style of Trump colleagues and that policy goes into effect.

Walsh said he now regretted some of the political actions he had taken in the past, including very personal attacks on Trump's predecessor.

“I said some ugly things about President Obama who regret me,” said Walsh in the ABC interview, saying that some of his own language was “ugly”. .

“I helped create Trump,” said Walsh “This Week's Host” this week
Stephanopoulos. “And George, that's not easy to say.” T


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