Guaid recognizes that the plan to overthrow Maduro has failed


The president of the Venezuelan National Assembly,Juan Guaidó, recognized this Saturdaymade mistakesthis week to wait for more military support the so-called Operation Freedom, with which he hopes to achievethe "definitive cessation" of the "usurpation"of the regime of Nicolás Maduro.

In an interview with The Washington Post newspaper, Guaidó admitted that he hoped that when a wave of defections occurred within the army, Maduro would resign. However, the call of Guaidó for the military to"add to the process of change"it did not produce massive defections.

"Maybe we need more soldiersor, perhaps, we need that more high positions of the regime are willing to endorse the Constitution ", has indicated in this interview.

After being asked what he would do in case White House National Security Adviser John Bolton offered him an intervention in Venezuela, Guaidó replied that he would say the following: "Dear friend, John Bolton, thanks for all the help you have given to this cause, thanks for the option,we will evaluate it and probably consider itin Parliament to solve this crisis. And if necessary, we may approve it. "

The images of the military uprising in Venezuela.

In this sense,Guaidóhas talked about a possibleMilitary interventionof the United States in Venezuela, in the framework of the latest escalation of tension in the Caribbean nation. "We are evaluating all the options, it is good to know that important allies like the United States are also evaluating these options, which gives us peace of mind that if we need cooperation, we know we will be able to find it."

"Sitting with Maduro is not an option", he said after being asked about the option of a negotiation table between both parties. "That happened in 2014, in 2016, in 2017 … The end of usurpation is a precondition for any possible dialogue," he added. He also considers that Maduro has not ordered his arrest because he "is afraid".

The Venezuelan crisis worsened on January 10, when Maduro began a second term that neither the opposition nor much of the international community recognizes because they consider the presidential elections of May 20 were a fraud. On the 23rd of that same month, the President of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó,self-proclaimed "president in charge" of Venezuela.

Guaidó announced on April 30, along with a liberated Leopoldo López, the beginning of "Operation Libertad" to overthrow Maduro, assuring that they had the support of "an important group" of military personnel. The Venezuelan president, for his part, describes the events of"Coupist skirmish"and assures that she has been defeated.


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