Iberdrola will invest 5,000 million in Mexico until 2024


Iberdrola reaffirms its commitment to Mexico. The company plans to invest 5,000 million dollars (about 4,460 million euros) in new generation plants, both gas and renewable, until 2024. The president of the company, Ignacio Sánchez Galan, has explained these plans to Alfonso Romo Garza, President of the Council for the Promotion of Investment, Employment and Economic Growth and Head of the Office of the Presidency, in a meeting held between the two at the National Palace in Mexico City.

The Spanish multinational plans to invest one billion dollars (892 million euros) this year in the construction of three new plants: a combined cycle plant in Tuxpan (Veracruz), a cogeneration plant in San Juan del Río (Querétaro) and a photovoltaic park in the state of Puebla. that add an installed power of 1,500 megawatts (MW).

To undertake the construction of its new plants, the company will make purchases to the Mexican industry for more than 3,000 million dollars (more than 2,670 million euros) until 2024. In addition, in the operation stage of these plants 450 jobs will be created. direct work, 2,500 indirect and will be incorporated to more than 100 young scholars. In the last five years, Iberdrola has already created 25,000 jobs.

"We are firmly committed to the energy and economic development of Mexico, the strengthening of its industrial sector and the generation of quality employment, always through the most efficient and clean energy sources," the president of Iberdrola explained on Wednesday. Galán also highlighted Iberdrola's commitment to the country, where it has been contributing for 20 years to its energy and economic development, through a reliable, competitive and sustainable energy supply.

For his part, Romo extended his hand to foreign investment ensuring that "the growth of Mexico occurs through cooperation between the private sector and the public sector. This investment they are announcing today reflects the confidence that investors have in our country, which translates into greater welfare for those who have less ».

And it is that this collaboration contrasts with the position that has maintained so far
 the government of López Obrador
, very critical of foreign capital. It is foreseeable that in the coming months other similar investments will take place, since the Office of the Presidency has formed a council that aims to become a "bridge of communication open to the private sector and the social sector," as reported by the Government. Mexican this Wednesday. . (tagsToTranslate) inversion (t) mexico


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